Wednesday, February 24, 2010


News links, February 25, 2010

Europe hit by wave of strikes
"A wave of industrial and social unrest is building across Europe."
Greek police clash with protesters as national strike takes hold
France Joins Europe Travel Industry Strikes

Rare Earth Metal Supply Vs. Demand

India: AI told to implement massive salary cuts even in face of unrest

Armageddon: Never before in history has a world power like the U.S. been so utterly buried in debt!
Bullish a Year Ago, Robert Prechter Now Sees "the Biggest Bubble in History"
Ignore the IMF sales - Soros is right about gold

Report: Japan offers to enrich Iran's uranium
Russia warns West against crippling economic sanctions on Iran

Sinopec, CNOOC Said to Pursue Oilfield in Central Asia
U.S. Sees Al-Qaida Threat in Central Asia

Oz: Rising food costs are forcing restaurants to rewrite menus
"The cost of diesel is keeping an increasing number of fishing boats moored because their catch won't cover the fuel bill."

Carlyle Group Bets On China Again
Report: China restricts loans to local government (but more to private businesses)
Confucianism revival

Mystery over Dubai killing of Hamas official deepens, more identity thefts discovered

Latin America gives support to Argentina over Falklands
Argentina takes Falklands oil dispute with UK to UN

Fertilizer industry: Feeding the world has become a mouth-watering opportunity

North Atlantic Ocean also has huge garbage patch

Post-Peak Economics

Singapore Withdraws Red Carpet for Foreigners With Eye on Vote

Bloom Box evaluation (Hint: Don't get excited.)
The Transition Back to Coal

UK: North Sea oil 'could last at least a decade' (Just one catch: high fuel prices needed)
Royal Bank of Scotland to pay bonuses totalling £1.3bn
U.K. Economy Faces 'Grave Stage' on Deflation Risk, Bootle Says

Hong Kong: More Air For Asia's Property Bubble

France buys U.S. missiles, upgrades army

US: Who works for 30-years-ago wages? (Farmers)
Repo Nation: The Debt Default Boom: How to Profit From the "Car-Stealing" Business
Wall Street pay rises 17%
Joe Stack IRS attack: All-American rage?
Standard & Poor's downgrades Los Angeles' credit rating
When life is a grind, teeth suffer
Another Corporate Bailout: Obama Goes Nuclear
GM pronounces Hummer dead
Airlines increasingly single out fliers they deem too fat to fly
U.S. agents to embed with Mexico drug units
Experts predict $3 a gallon gasoline soon
Airlines see jobs shrink in past decade
FDIC Insurance Fund Is Broke To The Tune Of Nearly $21 Billion
11.3 million homeowners underwater on mortgage
New Home Sales Tumble to Record Low in January
Las Vegas Sands Aims to Refinance $5 Billion Debt

And finally... Cheap thrills in France: Designer abductions

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