Thursday, February 25, 2010


News links, February 26, 2010

Banks Bet Greece Defaults on Debt They Helped Hide

Confirmation Of Chinese IMF Gold Purchasing Intentions?

Global trade slumped 12% last year

Japan: Nissan, Daihatsu, Suzuki issue car recalls
Japan Is the Next Greece
"Frankly put, the yen is toast."
Moody's: Japan's Rating Could Be Cut If Debt Remains Massive

Iceland repayment talks collapse

Dubai's Doldrums Spark Exodus of Migrant Workers

Winter in Mongolia is 'an unfolding disaster'

More Israeli names on new list of Dubai suspects

China: 'No intention' of capping emissions
Concerns grow over China's sale of US bonds
China's Big Fat Growth Facade

Do Texas and the North Sea Foretell the Future of Oil Production?

Viktor Yanukovych sworn in as Ukraine president

Drug-resistant malaria 'growing' in Cambodia

Spanish oil firm Repsol to drill near Falkland Islands

UK: Union's proposed strike could destroy British Airlines
UK debt 'will push retirement age to 70'

Israeli government videos portray Europeans as gullible

Eastern Europe Looks to Neighbors to Break Russia's Energy Grip
Russia threatens to react to NATO expansion

US: Contractors outnumber full-time workers at DHS; lawmakers 'astounded'
US slaps duties on steel pipe from China
Security expert: Obama order resembles controversial Bush-era data-mining tool
Wall Street's Greece role probed
Small business credit in a deep recession
Wave of truck cargo hijackings
New York State Faces Cash Squeeze in March
Oil to Hit $100 in US Driving Season: Analyst
Detroit Mayor emphasizes need to shrink city, wants to relocate residents from desolate neighborhoods
"Nascent" Recovery or "Nascent" Economic Collapse? "Unexpected" bad news
Railway shutdown looms in Maine
DoT budget isn't keeping up with need for road, bridge repairs
"The Transportation Department has a backlog between $80 billion and $100 billion in high-priority infrastructure improvement projects that it cannot afford to fund."

And finally... Xe/Blackwater evacuates congressman who is critical of military contractors

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