Friday, February 26, 2010


News links, February 27, 2010

News links will resume on Monday.

Second half of 2010: Sudden intensification of the global systemic crisis
China insider sees revolution brewing
China faces rising crime rates, increased social unrest

Muammar Gaddafi calls for jihad on Swiss after ban on building minarets

Why China's Rumored IMF Gold Purchase, If True, Would Be Of Huge Significance
China May Buy More Gold; $1,100 An Ounce Appears To Be Support Level
Gold Breaks the Rules

Greece Delays Bond Sale Amid New Turmoil
European Union pushes Greece to cut more

Oil: World's New Reserve Currency of Choice
"Buy oil. Buy gold."

The Taliban Strike Afghan Capital, Again

World's Biggest Power Plan May Be Thwarted by Congo
Saudi Arabia to export solar power soon, US says
Uranium has only one way to go: up
"As with everything else in the resource world these days, the low-hanging fruit is all gone."

Iran arrests most wanted man after police board civilian flight
"Iran forced down a civilian airliner on Tuesday to arrest the leader of a terrorist group it claims is backed by Britain, Israel and the United States."

Will airlines and passengers call a truce?
Japan Airlines posts $2 bln loss
Rough Waters Ahead For The Dry-Bulk Shipping Industry

Belgium offers chickens to waste-cutting households

Israelis rush to join Mossad after Mahmoud al-Mabhouh killing

How Has Human Sprawl Affected Bird Migration—And the Spread of Avian Diseases?

Brazil's Real Post Biggest Advance in the World This Month

UK: BBC signals an end to era of expansion
Losses at taxpayer-owned Lloyds swell to £6.3bn on bad debts
Taxpayers to lose £17bn on stake in banks
Spectre of double-dip recession looms over UK: Will pound become "basket case"?
Intercity trains upgrade postponed
Jim Rogers on the Pound

US: Newborns' blood used to build secret DNA database
Generation Zero documentary looks at another inconvenient truth: US debt
California dreaming: California Delays Payments, Ponders IOUs Again, Demands 80% of Income Tax Paid Before It's Even Earned
Senator predicts US "financial meltdown"
US GDP: Looks may be deceiving
Why the US economic recovery is a scam
AIG posts $11 billion loss for 2009
Commercial Real Estate: Five Facts From a Broker
Fannie Seeks $15.3 Billion in U.S. Aid After 10th Straight Loss

And finally... Carly Simon reveals 'You're So Vain' clue

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