Sunday, February 28, 2010


News links, March 1, 2010

Western Oil Companies Feel the Heat in Kazakhstan
Saudi Arabia to nearly double oil supply to India

Asia Businesses Weather Regular Cyberattacks

--- International high finance! ---
Gold will be perceived as a currency in competition with fiat currencies
IMF chief pushes for more power, new global currency
S&P warns Spain over deficit
Greek PM warns on bankruptcy as crunch looms
Greece Loses Kokusai Money as Investors Demand 7% to Buy Bonds
Euro in most difficult phase since launch - Merkel
French Econ min says state debt CDS should be banned
The Week Ahead: Are the PIIGS, EU Already Beyond Help?
"Greece is virtually certain to default within a month without help."

New Ukraine leader unveils pro-Russia policies
India, China pilots may train at Ukraine base

--- Middle East ---
Yemen declares state of emergency in southern city
Israeli DM: No Need to Coordinate With US on Attacking Iran
Ex-U.S. ally Chalabi, now Iran's friend, likely to win Iraq vote
UAE talks jeopardize Canada's Mideast base
US to spend $50 million on media in Pakistan
Iran sanctions: financial, transportation and Revolutionary Guard would be targeted

Japan: Outstanding OTC Derivatives Rose 11% In 2nd Half Of '09: BOJ

Suicide bomber targets Pakistan police station

Utopian Pessimist Calls on Radical Tech to Save Economy
An uneven collapse (Hint: It's already happening)

Argentina warns BHP against oil drilling
Falklands offer to split oil profits

Food imports hurt struggling Haitian farmers

UK: Bears, lynx, wolves and elk considered for reintroduction into British countryside
Army says it needs 20,000 more soldiers
Opposition mounts to 'factory farm' plans that will house 8,100 cows
Hoax device 'used to lure police' in County Armagh

US: Shell abandons Colorado water rights bid, placing regional oil shale development on hold
Supreme Court case could limit local controls on firearms
Cybersecurity bill to give president new emergency powers
California: Budget cut protest turns into riot
Hundreds gather at Indiana Whirlpool plant to protest refrigerator factory's planned closure
Guns at Starbucks? Pushing the right to bear arms in public
Coming Commercial Real Estate Bust on Tap; 3000 Community Banks at Risk
Hotel rates have biggest drop since Depression
Social and Individual Breakdown Pent up toward Collapse
America, the fragile empire: Here today, gone tomorrow -- could the United States fall that fast?
A Union for the Unemployed
Decision Could Allow Anonymous Political Contributions by Businesses
Foreclosure crisis hits affluent towns
Secret Service Computers Only Work at 60 Percent Capacity; Agency Uses 1980s Mainframe
Senators urge tough derivatives bill

And finally... Beer-drinking, smoking chimp sent to rehab

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