Friday, March 26, 2010


New World Order Emerges on US-Mexico Border

Over a year ago I wrote, “‘Mexican influence’ in the US southwest will not be from the Mexican government… but rather from Mexican drug/warlords.” And that is becoming more so day by day. In recent news items, for example, we have Mexico drug hitmen terrorize towns on U.S. border and Mexican drug gangs ‘spread to every region of US.’ The gangs are also maintaining and expanding their power within Mexico, as in Police chief beheaded in north Mexico. They are so powerful that the Mexican military has so far had little or no success in bringing them to heel, and now the US is in talks with Mexico to provide help.

American police, meanwhile, are starting to have problems similar to those in Mexico, with a gang targeting police.

As I said here, the new world order is chaos, and we are witnessing the first stages. As cities find it increasingly difficult to maintain municipal services such as street lights, police protection, and fire departments, chaos will grow along with the power of those who step in to take advantage of it.

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