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News links, March 10, 2010

Prophet of Doom Finds Joy as Film Stirs Efforts to Survive Oil Crisis

Global Debt: A country-by-country look at spending for growth vs. deficit cutting
Analysis: Greece's crisis could presage America's
More Sovereign Defaults Loom?

India's Real Estate Boom Is on Shaky Ground
India wary of U.S. arms supply to Pakistan

Biden pledges U.S. commitment to Israeli security
China pushes for more diplomacy over Iran as West pushes sanctions
Blacklisting of Iranian Central Bank Might be Ruled Out
Oil traders stop work with Iran

Japanese Machinery Orders Declined 3.7% in January
Canon Says China May Become Its Biggest Camera Market in 2015

U.S.-Colombia Military Base Deal to Be Reviewed by Constitutional Court

Taiwan Says China Now Has Edge In Air Power

UK: Up to 7,000 Public and Commercial Services union members on strike in kent
"The nationwide walkout by 270,000 members is the biggest outbreak of industrial unrest in the service since 1987."
City of London Developers Start Skyscrapers as Rents End Slide (more towers!)
Aer Lingus job cuts to total 670

US: Collapse of the American Empire: swift, silent, certain
"Morgan Stanley's former chief global strategist… warns us of the 'possibility of a breakdown of the civilized infrastructure,' advising us to buy a farm in the mountains."
2,600 people show up for 100 railroad jobs
Zero tolerance and taser-firing drones
US 'Jihad Jane' charged with planning terror attacks in Europe
Minnesota bill: state workers' hotel picks checked for violent porn videos (non-violent porn OK)
AIG, Citigroup, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Shares Surge
As feds probe Miami's finances, city's budget director fired
A biometric ID card for all American workers?
37 States On The Brink Of Unemployment Solvency
People might pay for defaulted loans with their Social Security
States' Payrolls Lag as U.S. Austerity Sets In: Chart of Day
Strategic defaults on homes on the rise
Vineyard Defaults Surge as Bargain Wines Hurt Napa
Moody's: No Florida Real Estate Recovery Until the 2030s

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