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News links, March 11, 2010

The Startling Link Between Globalisation And Bank Fraud

No Economic Recovery as Era of Cheap Oil Comes to an End
The grim rater: Sovereign-debt ratings
Welcome to the Permanent Recession – Food and Transportation Prices Rising
The Global Energy Race
Oil prices rise to settle above $82
East Africa is next hot oil zone
Africom commander says U.S. supports Somali government to retake Mogadishu

Yemen offers talks with separatists as unrest flares

How food and water are driving a 21st-century African land grab

Signs of a China Credit and Real Asset Bubble Are Now Unmistakable
European Monetary Fund to Launch by June
Spain: a 'real test case' for the euro
Dubai World May Ask Banks to Take 20% "Haircut," Delay Payments to Solve its Debt Bomb

Sick ships: Cruises see rise in norovirus cases

Russia: Rubles for clunkers

Japan: Only 8 Japan Airports Beat Passenger Forecasts In FY08
Yakuza Gets Bailout for Its Four-Finger Economy
Mobile that allows bosses to snoop on staff developed
Idemitsu To Idle 3 Refineries For A Month To Cut FY10 Output

U.S. general's Kyrgyz visit rivals Russian influence

Copper and lithium scramble to power the energy future
Book Review: Big Coal
Egypt: Clashes at gas stations as diesel crisis escalates

Chevron cutting 2,000 jobs in refining restructuring
France: Total to Close Down Flanders Refinery on Weak Demand, workers protest

UK: British Airways Closer to Cabin-Crew Strike as Union Talks Fail
Graduates condemned to 'coffee shop jobs'

Clinton Family Pockets Haiti Assets in Telephone Company Privatization, Says Pumphrey

US: United States and Israel Announce Agreement to Enhance Joint Aviation Security
Note: Says DHS personnel will be stationed in Israel.
Air Force Secretary Michael Donley: Demand for Unmanned Aircraft Will Endure Beyond Current Wars
"The U.S. Air Force is now training more pilots to fly unmanned aircraft than traditional aircraft."
5 Reasons Why America Should Steer Clear of a National ID Card
U.S. Government May Soon Ease Out of Citi Stake
On Fake Stress Tests and Coming Wave of Second Mortgage Writedowns
Fla. Deficit May Force Deep Cuts
26% of new South Beach condos unsold
U.S. Posts Record Budget Deficit of $221 Billion
Fifteen Reasons for a Second American Revolution
Goldman Sachs Got $55.7 Million From Build America
In February, chief executives left offices in droves
Economy 'Far too Close' to Double Dip: Roubini
Jobless Rate Rose in 30 States In January, Five Hit Records
List of banks under stress keeps growing
After Christmas incident, no-fly list nearly doubled

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