Thursday, March 11, 2010


News links, March 12, 2010

Greece hit by third general strike in a month
Strike Paralyzes Greece; Protests Turn Violent

Shell stops selling gasoline to Iran

HSBC: data on 24,000 Swiss account holders stolen
European Sovereign Debt Issuance to Reach €1,446 Billion

Thai Rice Output May Drop on Drought as El Nino Parches Region
Thailand deploys 50,000 troops in preparation for Bangkok protest

India: Mock drills to fight terror attack on city
India's Stalled Arms Buying Leaves Its Army Outgunned by China

Russia seeks to buy 1,000 Italian armored vehicles — report
Corruption Keeping Russian Highways among Worst in the World, Investigators Say

Dubai 'party island' set to open for New Year's Eve 2010
Dubai creditors to get multiple options
25% of Mideast construction jobs delayed, cancelled
Mideast airlines to see $400 mln loss in 2010

IATA says airlines will lose only $2.8 billion this year

Indonesian police, military to hold anti-terror drill in capital city

Chinese inflation hits 16-month high
China Property Prices Jump, Highlighting Bubble Risk
China's M2 up 25.52% year on year in Feb
China keen to invest in SAfrica mines

Japan opens 98th national airport in Ibaraki, offers one flight a day
Tokyo Office Vacancies Reach Record High 8.66% In February
Japan's growing attachment to China over the US
"A statement from Japan's foreign minister revealed his perspective that, 'this will be the age of Asia.'"

War without death? How non-lethal weapons could change warfare

More ethanol usage may be bad for Earth

UK: Lack of skills and money to build new generation of nuke plants
Thousands of street lights will be switched off around Caerphilly county

Chief exorcist says Devil is in Vatican

US: Obama Supports DNA Sampling Upon Arrest
Unemployment tops 20% in eight California counties
Detroit Attempts To Sell $250 Million In Bonds Without Financial Disclosure Via Goldman
Welcome to the United States of Iceland
Obama signs executive order which uses 'bounty hunters' to root out fraud
100,000 left without water after main breaks
Kansas City to shutter 26 schools
Internet aids terrorist recruiting, radicalization, Pentagon says
Texas earthquakes may be linked to wells for gas mining
Miami-Dade hospital system nears insolvency
Florida's unemployment rate 11.9 percent in January
Wisconsin: Plan would allow governor to challenge National Guard deployments
Social Security Trust Fund, Q1 2010 Results: Still Slipping
The Peak Oil Crisis: The Looming Fiscal Storm
Pentagon Eyes More Than $800 Million for New Nuclear Cruise Missile
U.S. Taxpayers On The Hook For $5 Trillion Of Fannie, Freddie Debt
Natural Gas drilling chemicals a concern

And finally... Sign of the times: Armed robber nets $6 from 11 people

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