Friday, March 12, 2010


News links, March 13, 2010

Set-Up for a Coal Shortage
IEA Again Raises 2010 Global Oil Demand Forecast

Greece debt: EU agrees multi-billion euro bailout deal
Europe's banks brace for UK debt crisis

Russia Ready To Establish Nuclear Fuel Bank By Year End
Putin visit seals Russian arms, nuclear deals with India
India Signs Deal To Buy 29 More MiGs From Russia

Explosions hit Lahore in Pakistan
Dual suicide attack on Pakistan military vehicles kills 45 in Lahore
Pakistan navy tests missiles in Arabian Sea

Israel seals off West Bank
With Peace Talks in Tatters, US-Israeli Relations Worsen

India is seeking coal deals in Australia - ANZ
India seeks U.S., Colombia coal to fill supply gap
"Coal producers and traders from around the world gathered in Mumbai this week eager to gauge India's hunger for coal, and were overwhelmed by end-users and traders wanting to buy cargoes and book ships."

China's oil demand increase 'astonishing', says IEA
BHP, Anglo, Xstrata Ship Coal 10,000 Miles to China
China's Lawmakers Turn to Plight of 'Ants'
Google's War of Words With China Escalates
Looks like Google is leaving China

The Ascent Of Asia

Norway doomsday seed vault hits 1/2 million mark

Japan made secret $60 million deposit to U.S. bank for return of Okinawa
Okinawa return costs probably topped $320 million under secret pact

People increasingly ask that embarrassing news be "unpublished" from the net

Unemployment among Latin America youths fuels 'lost generation'

UK: Cases of young people self-harming rise by 50%
British Airways strike: Passengers face seven days of walkouts
Petrol prices have risen 27% in a year

US: Dirt Bonds in Florida Lead Municipal Bond Defaults
New wave of foreclosures threatens market
Airlines Will Cancel Flights to Avoid Risk of Fines for Delays
Fiscal 2011 Budget: Military Space Programs
Lehman 'hid billions' – report
Potholes put dent in city coffers
Deadly Repo Madness hitting the States
Want to save $50,000? Try a three-year college degree.
Regulators shutter 3 banks in New York, Florida, Louisiana; making 30 closures this year
Reverse globalization: Caterpillar Joins 'Onshoring' Trend
Faber and Mish: US Is Doomed and Washington Can't Do Anything About It
Build America Lures International Buyers to Add 50% More Munis
Debunking The Myth Of US Retail Sales Improvement
"If anyone believes the numbers coming out of the US government anymore, we suggest you relocate to China: you will get just the same 'correctness' of economic data reporting."
US Millionaire Ranks Jumped 16% Last Year: Study

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