Saturday, March 13, 2010


News links, March 14, 2010

2010: The year of the global insurrection?
"The rioters can go home... The system will collapse on its own."

Must read: Is China actually bankrupt?
"The nation has erected a complex system for magically making its debts disappear, but a look up China's sleeve shows that its IOUs may equal its GDP."
Google "99.9 pct" sure to shut China search engine: report
Heavy security in Tibet ahead of protests' anniversary

Africa: Chinese fishing boat, 7 crew hijacked off Cameroon

Our Energy Supply: Some Basics

Teens riot in Jerusalem over Temple Mount

Suicide bomber in rickshaw hits Pakistan checkpoint

Mexico: New border war erupts with cartel rift

UK: Violence and abuse rife in food factories
Credit card limits slashed
Crisis in elderly care far worse than feared, report warns
Pothole Britain: councils disagree about when hole becomes a pothole

US: Economist predicts depression (but he's been wrong before)
"There's nobody that's going to be left out of this."
TASER International Reports Record Revenue of $104 Million for 2009
Will your retirement fund help bail out failed banks?
IRS agents storm California car wash — to collect 4 cents
Native Hawaiian government may become reality

And finally... Hearts may swoon when stocks do, study shows

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