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News links, March 15, 2010

Noble's Leiman Seeks to Add Coal Mines, Ports to Fuel Growth
"Noble Group Ltd., the commodity supplier backed by China Investment Corp., wants to buy and build coal mines, ports and plantations to benefit from rising Asian demand."

Cnooc to Buy 50 Percent of Argentina's Bridas Corp. for $3.1 Bln
Is China's Politburo spoiling for a showdown with America?

Thailand: Protesters warn of escalating street rallies
"Red shirt" protesters to target Thai military base

Pakistan: Munawar blames Blackwater for Lahore bombings
Solid evidence of India's involvement in Balochistan unrest: Pak

Nigerian state oil company will privatize: report

Iran arrests 30 accused of U.S.-backed cyber war

Venezuela: Chavez calls for curbs on internet

Afghanistan: Poppies Escape Marjah Offensive

Israel: Netanyahu faces 'moment of truth' after US slams 'insult'

Mexico: Hit squad guns down 3 connected with US consulate
U.S. Warns of Dangers in Mexico as Violence Increases

UK: Water firms making boilers break by cutting pressure
"The businesses insist that sometimes they need to lower the levels in the mains water system to cut the amount that leaks from hole-ridden, ageing pipes."
Europe's Second Largest Bank Warns On UK Debt Crisis
Tube counter-terror drill begins

US: Jihad Jamie: Second US white woman arrested over Islamist conspiracy
"The use of racial profiling as a counterterrorism tool has been fatally undermined."
Debt collectors come after homeowners years after default
Within healthcare reform, a push to tax the rich
Bigger Tuition Bills and Student Loans Coming in 2011
The New Road to Serfdom
Social Security to start cashing Uncle Sam's IOUs
Corporate entity becomes 'candidate', kicks off bid for Congress
President Obama Discusses Three Strikes Anti-Piracy Law
IRS To Track Online Sellers' Payment Transactions Beginning Next Year
Border Leaders on Drone Bandwagon

And finally... Website spotlights misdeeds of the rich and powerful

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