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News Links, March 16, 2010

Soros, the Man Who Cries Wolf, Now Is Warning of a 'Superbubble'
Selling Of Treasuries Continues By China And Japan As UK, Oil Exporter, Hedge Fund Holdings Jump
US and UK Move Closer To Losing AAA Debt Rating, Moody's Says

Vast majority of Twitter users fakes and fraudsters, says report
"Only 21 per cent of Twitter users are genuine."

China's Hidden Local Debt
Venezuela expects more oil export to China - president
Don't Look Now, But Chinese Economic Indicators Are Starting To Roll Over
Can China's workers keep up with China's real estate boom?
Smoke and mirrors? China Accounting Shift Narrows Deficit

Bunker-busters being shipped from California to Diego Garcia
Israel's Top Commander on Rare Visit to Turkey

Thousands attend anti-Berlusconi protest in Rome

Revival Hinges on Dubai World Restructuring
Dubai economy seen contracting in 2010
Dubai may offer new debt at zero, low interest - report

Thai PM rejects demands to resign, two soldiers hurt in grenade attack

Food prices push Indian inflation up to 9.9 pct

Argentina coin shortage is growing as inflation makes a coin's metal worth more than its face value

Poland: City offers 'adopt-a-pothole' repair plan

Australia's luck is running out

UK: Army training exercises cut by a third to save money
Wind farm power plant substation will 'overwhelm' Norfolk coastal village
Petrol to hit 120p a litre, as motorists 'mugged' by oil companies

Matthew Simmons' Awesome Presentation On The Coming Oil & Water Shortage
Could Wind Turbines Actually Warm the Globe?

US: Pentagon's future fighter aircraft doubles in cost
As Location-Sharing Services Grow, Privacy Concerns Do Too
AIPAC urges White House to tone down rhetoric, says situation "very worrying."
U.S. criticism of Israel ignites firestorm
Bees are busier than ever as disease besieges colonies
Insiders Still Not Buying the Rally
Trillion-Dollar Pension Crisis Looms Large Over America
Pensions: The $2 Trillion Hole
States streamline, reorganize amid fiscal crisis
The Great Credit Squeeze
"Credit is actually being sucked OUT of the consumer and corporate economy at a torrid pace."
US industrial output rises again
"Whatever happens to the monthly numbers, the level of output is still hugely depressed relative to the pre-Lehman position."
Continental Ends Airline Era as Free Coach Meals Cut
Mexico Killings Point to Risks of U.S. Cooperation in Drug War
Jobless Growth: Are You Prepared?
Check Out The Seven New Bureaus, Offices, Councils, And Committees Created By The Financial Overhaul Bill (more complexity, leading to collapse)
Commercial loan
 losses a rising storm
Defaults Signal Bursting Muni Junk Bubble After Surge
California's public schools send out 22,000 pink slips

And finally... New tech tracks you to the tomb
People in power make better liars, study shows
Barack Obama and Kim Jong Il photo shoots are the same
Note: Simply amazing! You have got to see this.

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