Sunday, March 21, 2010


News Links, March 22, 2010

UAE becomes fourth-biggest arms buyer
Dubai World wants eight years to pay debts

-- International high finance! --
Must read: German Central Bank Admits that Credit is Created Out of Thin Air
IMF official says advanced economies face "acute" debt challenges
Greek Banks' 'Challenging' Profitability May Trigger Cut at S&P
New Baghdad and the Collapse of Capitalism
"The U.S. economy is like an out-of-control sports car in search of a tree."
Must read: Diminishing marginal productivity of debt: Debt saturation phase transition reached

Israel to ask US for bunker busters in the fight against Iran's Nuclear sites
Note: recall this item from a few days ago.

Afghanistan: Taliban controlling Marjah by night

Must read: Crumbling Iraqi oil infrastructure cannot possibly achieve declared oil production goals

Ukraine, Russia to construct transport bridge over Kerch strait

China could report trade deficit in March
China's Muni Mess
Is China the Next Global Resource Glutton?

Pakistan to give India rail access to Central Asia

Canada: Experts warn of nursing shortage

Gold Shines In Any Way, Shape Or Form

MEND threatens Nigeria's oil and gas industry

I.M.F. Chief Suggests 'Fire Brigade' for Europe's Banks

UK: Cabin crew strike forces BA to cancel 1,100 flights
Every citizen to have a webpage under new public services plan
How many new data centers would this require?
Shrinking Freedom in Britain

Japan: DPJ caught on the horns of a fiscal dilemma
Economist warns soaring public debt may bankrupt Japan
Russian Navy surveillance ship resumes sailing off Japan
Corporate 'blacklist' circulating among new graduates

US: F-35 fighter fleet's price may be double forecast
Wachovia to Pay $160 Million for laundering Mexican drug money
Cash-Strapped State Governments Hike Traffic Fees
Retailers spy on shoppers in bid to increase sales
Virginia gun rights advocates pack heat with pride
State Pension Underfunding Before The Great Recession
U.S. Congress Worries about Materials Shortages

And finally... Sarah Palin seeks $1-million per reality-TV episode

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