Monday, March 22, 2010


News Links, March 23, 2010

Australia needs $100 billion electricity infrastructure overhaul

Riyadh mulls big Russian missile buy
Saudi Families Need More Than a Name as Bankers Tighten Lending
GCC unemployment forecast to hit 10.5% in 2010

Pakistan police: Plot foiled on hotels, diplomats
Pakistan pushes US for nuclear technology deal
US says it is open to nuke deal with Pakistan

Chinese media accuse US of 'information imperialism' amid Google row
Academic Paper in China Sets Off Alarms in U.S.
Stunner: China Set To Announce Record Trade DEFICIT In March
A China boost for gold

France set for widespread strike disruption
Thai 'Red Shirts' vow to shut down Bangkok with new rally
Lufthansa pilots plan a new strike
Greek economy 'to worsen' in 2010 says central bank
Unemployed Germans travel to Poland for work
Bank Of Greece Had Warned About Exploding Credit Spreads In February 2009
"It turns out that the massive credit spreads that Greece is currently experiencing have nothing to do with CDS speculators and other scapegoats."
Echoes From Davos: Rich Countries' Debt Growth Drag
Inflation Issuance Hits Record $200 Billion

Oil giants take new look at once-unattractive investments
Shell, PetroChina Win Arrow With Sweetened $3.2 Billion Offer
Tipping Point: Near-Term Systemic Implications of a Peak in Global Oil Production
"There is a high probability that our integrated and globalised civilisation is on the cusp of a fast and near-term collapse."
The Net Energy of Pre-Industrial Agriculture
"It's also clear that modern biofuel EROEI's are in the same range as pre-industrial agriculture, and therefore are completely unsuited to support an industrial civilization."
Widespread plant-parasitic nematode infestation found in US biofuel crops

Afghanistan: U.S. Turns a Blind Eye to Opium in Marja
Karzai Meets Delegation From Taliban-Linked Group

China, Russia sign major agreements worth $1.6bn

Japan: Major firms to limit hiring of new grads

World Water Day: Why business needs to worry

UK: Energy minister will hold summit to calm rising fears over peak oil

Scientists Successfully Embed Silicon Chips Inside Human Cells
The Age of Technofascism

US: Pennsylvania Pensions: From Surplus To A Deep Hole
Police escort fewer funeral processions
US business feeling unwelcome in China, says survey
Obama Pays More Than Buffett as U.S. Risks AAA Rating
Bernanke Running Amuck
Could School Bus Ads Save School Budgets?
The rich bail faster on mortgages
More women holding down multiple jobs
California Pension Costs Fuel Growing Anxiety
Dodd bill may reduce bank rating support-Moody's
Underemployment At Record 20% According To Gallup
Insiders Remain Sellers of the Rally
More Ugly Housing Data (an antidote to mainstream media reports)

And finally... Waiting for the end of the world: Georgia's 30-year stone mystery

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