Wednesday, March 24, 2010


News Links, March 25, 2010

Portugal credit rating downgraded over debt concerns
Frantic EU seeks solution to Greek debt crisis

Terrorists 'could use exploding breast implants to blow up jet'

More than 100 'al-Qaida militants' arrested in Saudi Arabia

US Navy warns al-Qaida threatens ships off Yemen

Taliban say they are not involved in Kabul peace talks
Pak-US strategic talks begin today: Pakistan hands over wish list to US

Italy: Fiat reported to cut 5,000 jobs, shares rally

China: Residential Land Sales Temporarily Halted
China signs multi-billion dollar Australian gas deal
China newspaper accuses Google of helping U.S. intelligence
Two U.S. Internet companies leave China
China's oil-refining capacity to grow by 30 million tons

Nationwide strikes in France against Sarkozy

Does Geothermal Power Cause Earthquakes?
The peak oil crisis: a breakthrough?
Saudi considers all energy sources for power

Canada: Native Groups Vow To Fight Pipeline
Oil sands output forecast halved since boom

UK: Rail strikes threatened over Easter weekend
Teachers threaten to unleash wave of strikes days after the General Election
UK government spending rise above 50% of GDP

Japan approves record $1 trillion budget amid debt concerns

How to make everything yourself - online low-tech resources

Venezuela: Chavez Orders Extended Holiday to Save Electricity Amid Crisis

US: Lawmakers Eyeing National ID Card
Public support for nuclear power at new peak
US aviation security to adopt Israeli model
Florida: Lawmakers: Slash pensions for police, teachers, firefighters
Another hard year for California economy: report
Shortfall Threatens Illinois Pension System
New FBI Files Alleging AIPAC Theft of Government Property and Israeli Espionage Released
US new home sales hit record low as cold weather bites
Record numbers now licensed to pack heat
U.S. Military Doing 'Limited' Drug War Work In Mexico, Napolitano Says
As the Oil Age Ends, A Return of the Canal and Rail Age?
Why the Bond Auction Fizzled: Fears of a 'Fiscal Train Wreck'
Health Care Law Signals US Empire Decline?
Postal Service Moves Toward Five-Day Delivery
San Carlos Considers Outsourcing Police and Fire Services
Budget cuts could shut down Richmond street lights
Bees in more trouble than ever after bad winter
Hurled bricks, threats surround health overhaul
4 Million US families facing foreclosure

And finally... Indian military to weaponize world's hottest chili

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