Thursday, March 25, 2010


News Links, March 26, 2010

Europe in crisis as debts grow and Germany pursues its own interests, say diplomats
World Trade Protectionism 'Getting Ugly,' OECD Head Gurria Says
Sovereign Lies: Why Euro Is Destined to Collapse
Parents plans compromised as adult children move back home
Dubai World to get $9.5bn injection from government
Deal reached over Greece debts at Brussels summit
Euro Trades Near 10-Month Low as Trichet Says IMF Aid 'very, very bad'

Most Japanese Airports in Debt, Face Closure
Japanese economy plagued by deflation and debt

Russians regard US as 'aggressor' seeking world domination: poll
Russia conducts anti-submarine drills in Sea of Japan

'Bin Laden' issues new threat in tape

China Unicom Boycott of Google May Signal Fallout Is Spreading
Is your Gmail being hacked from China? It's worth checking
China miner to buy Brazil's Itaminas iron ore mine

Binyamin Netanyahu humiliated after Barack Obama 'dumped him for dinner'
US will expedite aid to Pakistan to fight Taliban and Al Qaeda

UK: RAF intercepts Russian bombers over Stornoway
£24bn cuts are needed in addition to Budget to meet existing targets
Highland Airways goes into administration
Rail maintenance firm calls in administrators
Truancy in schools in England reaches record high
Budget 2010: £100 million to fill potholes
Millions face post-Easter travel misery in four-day rail strike
Toyota To Nearly Halve Production At U.K. Plant

Printable Nanocircuits Promise to Make RFID Tags More Ubiquitous Than Bar Codes

UK Telegraph Reports, "Oil Reserves 'Exaggerated by One Third'"--An Analysis

Hillary Clinton's 'War Cabinet' sweeps in to Mexico for drugs summit
Mexican prison gang may target U.S. agents

US: Klein Warns Of Thousands Of Teacher Layoffs (NYC)
US drone raids could land CIA officers in court: expert
High-Speed Trading Bumps Into Power Problem
North Dakota: Fourth in U.S. Oil Production
Think tank says 37,000 jobs to be lost from Virginia budget cuts
Nuclear waste piles up, and it's costing taxpayers billions
Downturn hits Social Security, payouts exceed revenues
Apocalyptic right-wing rhetoric is going mainstream
The coming 'double dip' in real estate
Owners miss loan payment on skyscraper
Obama: Inside Man for the Greatest Heist in History
Police believe a gang is targeting officers
"Such is the new reality for police here, where life has increasingly taken on the feel of a war zone."

And finally... Skirt at forefront of trends among fashion-conscious men in Japan

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