Tuesday, March 02, 2010


News links, March 3, 2010

Hamas assassination: Dubai ban on Israeli dual citizens ups pressure

Private armies worry U.N. peacekeepers

Bailout or Not, Greece "Looks Like a Train Wreck," FT's Martin Wolf Says
Greece Faces More Strikes as PM Plans More Cuts

Central Banks Can't Stop Global Unraveling
The Euro Is Doomed
US Will be End Game for Sovereign Debt - Within 5 Years
Sovereign Debt Woes: Who's the 'U' in STUPID?

Somali pirates now operating on land, hijacking trucks

Hard-pressed Europeans flock to cheaper airlines

Ukraine: Tymoshenko's ruling coalition collapses

Russian gunships give Lebanese firepower

Bill Gross: Markets Will Soon Discover How Sovereign Nations Can Go Bust Just Like Companies

Huge botnet busted

UK: Nose scanning techniques could sniff out criminals

US: New ghost towns: Industrial communities teeter on the edge (collapse: one town at a time)
Exclusive: Paulson and other smart money buying dirt
Supreme Court seems to favor overturning Chicago gun law
Postal Service mulls dropping Saturday delivery, might raise rates
Municipal Bond Funds: Bleak Future
Army awards lucrative contract to KBR

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