Monday, March 29, 2010


News Links, March 30, 2010

Moscow metro blasts: female 'black widow' suicide bombers kill 35
Does Moscow bombing mark the return of Russia's 'black widows'?
Russia says U.S. Aiding Afghan Drug Trade

$500 billion reserve drain made crisis worse: IMF's Ferhani
Greece Pays Bond Investors 5 Times Spain Yield Spread
Dubai World to offer 'shortfall guarantee' on debt

SCENARIOS-Global impact if Israel strikes Iran
N. Korea warns U.S., S. Korea about 'unpredictable incidents'
North Korean mine 'may have sunk warship'

China Gold Demand May Double Within Decade, WGC Says
China's Next Bubble
"Provinces and municipalities have built up more than $1 trillion of off-budget liabilities."
China Testing Ballistic Missile 'Carrier-Killer'
International coal price increase reflected in Chinese market

Copper, Nickel Advance on Demand Outlook as Inventories Decline

Pakistan: Drone attacks issue to be taken up with US: Malik
'Govt not buying electricity from Iran due to US pressure'
U.S. hopes to give Pakistan drones within a year

OPEC Needs $70 Oil to Justify Investments: SecGen
Falkland Islands oil disappoints for Desire Petroleum
Sitting on oil fields, Iraq still short of fuel
"All the refining capacity dates back to the '60s or before."

Why Subsidize The Surfeit Of Wind Turbines?

UK: Armed guards 'could be taken off nuclear sites'
Boomers won't have retirement like parents (Kiss retirement goodbye!)
Nine years to tackle crumbling roads
Ireland poised for new bank bailout
How Close will the U.K. Come to Running Out of Natural Gas in Storage this Spring?

US: Fed raids in Michigan may be tied to Hutaree, a Christian-militia group
FBI Conducts Raids in Michigan, Indiana And Ohio
Feds: Militia members sought to spark uprising
Top 10 Alternative Political Movements
Treasuries Find Greenspan's Canary Fainting in Mine
It's Official - America Now Enforces Capital Controls
Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Spent to Maintain Crumbling, Vacant Government Buildings
Insider Buying Remains Non-Existent
Postal Service to file five-day-delivery proposal
U.S. to sell entire stake in Citigroup in 2010
How should you invest in the government-based economy? Gold.
U.S. airline traffic declined in 2009
Shale Gas Shenanigans
Half of Commercial Mortgages to Be Underwater: Warren
U.S. Economy: Spending Increases, Incomes Stagnate
Americans Now Back to Overconsumption Norm
Phoenix: Retail Follows Rooftops Underwater
Push To Eat Local Food Is Hampered By Shortage
Study: Roads cost some NC motorists $1,300 a year

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