Wednesday, March 03, 2010


News links, March 4, 2010

U.S. to extend lease of Kyrgyz airbase: special envoy

More fallout from Dubai assassination: Netanyahu arrest warrant?

Greece unveils radical austerity package
Deflation Threat Is Latest Headache for Euro Zone
Global debt crisis: The killing of paper money
Gold Bullion – Advancing In All Currencies
Standard Chartered declares $10b exposure to UAE loans

India: Output from aging onshore oil fields dropping

Germany's Top Court Overturns Anti-Terrorism Data Law

China gives Panchen Lama a political role

Russia's Terror-Fighting Trains Back on the Rails

Turkey's unemployment rate at 14 percent

Brazil rebuffs US, says it will go own way on Iran

Mercenaries Circling Haiti

UK's recovery is 'false dawn'

US: Who's poor in America? US tweaks how it defines poverty.
Economy is running on empty
Informant nation: U.S. To Offer Suspicious Activity Report Training Nationwide
Will The US Devalue the Dollar?
Zombie State Governments: Finances Are Bad and Getting Worse

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