Thursday, March 04, 2010


News links, March 5, 2010

Spanish Hackers' Botnet was Powerful Enough to Cripple an Entire Country
Note: This shows how components of the global system can be hijacked and leveraged by small non-state actors to exponentially magnify their power.

Saudi Arabia Raises Most April Oil Prices to US, lowers prices to Europe and Asia
Note: Recall these recent stories.

Putin wants new long-range bomber

-- International high finance! --
Greece Aid Plea Snubbed by Germany in 'Historic Moment' for EU
Greece could sell islands to cut debt - German MPs
Greek Unionists Occupy Finance Ministry to Protest Budget Cuts
Eurozone rates maintained at 1%
US government spending induces counterfeit 'expansion'
"The US 'expansion' reported by GDP figures isn't real. It's mostly due to government spending."
The Dominos Of Default
Forget US Stocks—Buy Gold Every Month 'Forever': Faber

Greek pensioners: The hungry don't fear prison

South Africa: Police use force against protesting students

Militants attack Pakistani security checkpoint

-- Energy --
Little Room For Hybrids, EVs In Europe For A Decade
Robert Rapier Looks at the Bloom Box
Shell CEO says (costly) oil here to stay

Japan: Banks Honored 76% Of Requests For Easing Loan Terms
Japan Capital Spending Falls Despite Profit Rebound
Fashion boutique salesgirls slave under sordid conditions

Secessionist violence grows in South Yemen

Baltic Drying Up as a Gauge due to Ship Glut

Singapore Warns of Strait Attack

US: An inconvenient challenge: Eat 'real food' [unprocessed food] for a month
Students across U.S. plan to protest education funding cuts
Minnesota: State Patrol fires back at proposal to cut number of troopers by 50 percent
Air travelers generate 7.5 million pounds of trash daily
Vermont's secessionist movement (interview with Kirkpatrick Sale)
Sea drones: Navy official calls for rapid deployment of unmanned vessels
Housing Is "In a Precarious State," Yale's Robert Shiller Says
Postal Service Urged to Weigh Three-Days-a-Week Mail
New York State Forecasts Cash Squeeze Continuing Through August
US facing surge in rightwing extremists and militias
Aging boomers face stark economics
Ticking prime bomb: Fannie Mae monthly summary
Police partner with license plate readers
"The cameras read license plates of parked and moving cars — hundreds per minute — and check them against vehicle databases."
Will Baby Boomers Bankrupt Social Security?
Is BlackRock The 'Mysterious' Direct Bidder?

And finally... Sarah Palin 'to star in reality TV show'

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