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News links, March 6, 2010

News links will resume on Monday, March 8.

Labor Unrest Roils Global Aviation Industry

Global budget deficits: A timeless love story

Greek police fire teargas at protesters in Athens
Germany pours cold water over hopes of a Greek bail out

China forecasts $154.4 billion budget deficit

Iraqi Elections Likely To Fuel Ethnic Tensions, Further Delay Access To Kirkuk's Reserves
Saudi Aramco Loses Count, Drills Too Many Wells In Ghawar

Poland to host U.S. missiles in April

Ukraine's Yanukovych signals shift over Russia Black Sea fleet

Japan Will Not Comply With Tuna Trade Ban: Senior Fisheries Official
Why The Situation In Japan Is About To Get A Lot Worse

Biofuels: Don't Let This Alternative Energy 'Greendoggle' Fool You

UK: Drugs gang made so much money it was rotting away
Microchips in trash cans raise a stink
Brits Pounded As Debts, Deficits Hit Home. US is next.

US: Pentagon gunman was 9/11 conspiracy theorist acting alone, say officials
Good way to smear the 9/11 truth movement.
Protests over education cutbacks snarl traffic, lead to arrests
US may be headed for long decline. You don't have to follow.
Bon app├ętit: 100 Percent of Fish in U.S. Streams Found Contaminated with Mercury
Conservationists unveil plans to restore bison to North American plains
Cold snap decimates Florida tomato crop
U.S. consumer credit rises for first time in year, but...
The Primary Source Of January's Surprising Boost To Consumer Credit? Why, The US Government Of Course
Underreported money supply may be disguising hyperinflation
"The annualized M1 money supply may be growing at three times the rate the Federal Reserve is reporting."
Stiglitz Says Federal Reserve System 'Corrupt'
Doom Loop Still Operational - Another Crisis Inevitable
"With interest rates near zero everywhere, the doom loop seems to have hit a terminal state where debt deflation and depression are the only end game unless serious reform measures are taken."
Recession, depression, or systematic breakdown

And finally... 5 ways your TV is slowly killing you

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