Monday, March 08, 2010


News links, March 9, 2010

Debt-plagued Greece relieved at EU backing -- but strikes grow, police to join protests
Germany Considers The Creation Of A European Monetary Fund, IMF Model
Europe bars Wall Street banks from government bond sales
The Fastest Growing Export Of The Western Banking Industry Is Fraud

Israel 'to unveil plans to build nuclear power plant'
"Israel is facing a crisis over electricity supplies."
Israel to seek French help for nuclear power plant: ministry

Dubai World to Seek Loan Delay in Talks, Bankers Say
Interpol Issues 16 More Warrants for Suspects in Dubai Killing

China Has Positive Attitude Toward Resolving Gas Field Row
China to Nullify Loan Guarantees by Local Governments
Is Shanghai Property the Next Dubai?
China's zombie growth
Chinese New-Car Sales Seen Topping 15mn Units This Year

NATO air forces to train over Baltic countries
S.Korea, US launch war games despite N.Korean threats

How to know if your country is the next Greece

Crude oil prices head toward $82
Oil Has Outperformed Stocks Since 2009 Market Low

Europe Supergrid Hopefuls Form Club To Push Project

US: Official: Former Army intel officer to lead TSA
America's Coming Civil Unrest?
S&P Rally Slowed by Fastest Cash Depletion Since 1991
"Equity mutual funds are burning through cash at the fastest rate in 18 years, leaving them with the smallest reserves since 2007."
Let's take a trip to suburban hell
Las Vegas real estate bust
The $21 Billion Hot Potato (bad mortgages)
Fed's Asset Sales Will Likely Happen Gradually: Sack
Losing control of the US debt machine: New report says US is insolvent
Paterson: If NY Can't Figure Out A Way To Close Its $8.2 Billion Budget, We're Looking At A Depression
Can California Actually Go Bankrupt? Yes, And Here's How

And finally... Recession slang: 10 new terms for a new economy

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