Friday, April 09, 2010


News Links, April 10, 2010

New Interim Kyrgyz Government to Shut Down the US Airbase at Manas
Russia eyes U.S. air base in Kyrgyz turmoil
Kyrgyzstan's head reveals overthrown president left only $80m in the budget

Thai 'red shirts' use force to storm TV station
Thai Military Uses Force Against 'Red Shirt' Protesters

US Treasury beefing up staff in Afghanistan
Credit rating agency downgrades Greek debt to lowest investment grade
Bank of International Settlements' Tough Assessments Don't Bode Well for World Economy

Wall Street Leaves Pakistan's Financial Capital
"Three Wall Street banks have abandoned their brokerage operations in Pakistan amid the nation's bleak economic situation."

Iran unveils 'faster' uranium centrifuges

China passenger car sales up 63 pct in Mar.
Chinese car sales, graphically
Chinese oil giants likely to bid for Brazil's new oil reserves
Chinese Oil-Well Pipe Makers Face U.S. Tariffs of 30% to 99%

Nord Stream construction starts

India Car Sales Soar 25%

Binyamin Netanyahu pulls out of Washington nuclear weapons summit

Japan: Yen-Denominated Gold Prices Hit 27-Year High On Weaker Yen

US: Hacking the Smart Grid
Watch out for crash taxes
On Plains, concern about another Dust Bowl
Los Angeles Faces Threat of Insolvency
Cash Crunch Will Force Governments to Do Less
33 states out of money to fund jobless benefits
N.Y. May Borrow to Ease $1 Billion June Cash Squeeze
Big Banks Mask Risk Levels
Ohio official tells residents to 'arm themselves' amid police cuts
Foreclosures surge in Central Valley
The Rich Are Different: They Default More Often

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