Sunday, April 11, 2010


News Links, April 12, 2010

Thai troops clash with protesters; 15 dead
Protesters defiant after deadly clashes in Bangkok
Another Hot Summer in the Middle East Includes Oil and Gas Masks
Economy in tatters, Kyrgyzstan awaits Russian aid
Kyrgyzstan pledges to honour security deals, US says
Yemen tribe warns against harming cleric on US wants dead

China reports rare trade deficit
China on 'Treadmill to Hell' Amid Bubble, Chanos Says
China Boosts Oil Imports 29%, Remains Net Fuel Buyer

Got Gold? Why Owning GLD Can Be Hazardous To Your Wealth
Global Markets Giving Three More Warning Signals for the Euro
Gold Hits Record High in Britain

Obama predicts 'tough' Iran sanctions

Modern-Day Blackbeards
"Pirates are an age-old menace. They are also a useful index of the advance and decline of civilization."

Euro governments offer Greece euro30 billion backstop
Nine Reasons Why Greece, PIIGS Approaching Irreversible Slide to Default
Risk of Japan going bankrupt is real, analysts say
Dubai to draw up financial plan
Who is next in realignment of global auto industry?

Steam coal price up 40pct on annual contract
Mark Leggett: No Substitute for Oil on the Horizon
Alaska predicts higher oil price but lower output
"Output from the aging basin will continue to slump."
German steel industry facing EUR 3 billion cost push

Ukraine drifts further from NATO as president sacks Navy chief

Wikileaks activists complain of harassment by police and intelligence services

Oz: Emergency room wait longer than 24 hours

UK: Nationwide to restrict small cash counter withdrawals less than £100

At least 80 gunmen terrorize Mexican town, kill 4
Explosive device damages US consulate in Nuevo Laredo

US: Are We Headed Toward a Green Bubble?
15 Reasons Why The U.S. Economic Crisis Is Really An Economic Consolidation By The Elite Banking Powers
Wal-Mart cutting prices on 10,000 items
Hopi Ruins At Risk After Ariz. Closes State Parks
Oil, Not China, Is The Real Destroyer Of America's Trade Balance
2 big banks forecast major rise in foreclosures in 2010
Consumers in U.S. Face the End of an Era of Cheap Credit
Office vacancies hit 16-year highs
Once envied, America's aging infrastructure is in alarming shape
Perilous prospects for state parks (New York)
The Battle for Net Neutrality: Corporate Takeover or Opportunity?
Connecticut Towns Might Look To Turn Off Streetlights To Save Money

And finally... British atheist campaigner plans to arrest Pope for crimes against humanity

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