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News Links, April 17, 2009

Numerous Derivative Swap Deals Blow Sky High In Europe
Outstanding Sovereign Swaps Jump on Fiscal Jitters, BOJ Says
Greece lays groundwork for possible EU-IMF aid: PM
Greece May Spur German Rethink, Morgan Stanley Says
"Germany might consider exiting Europe's current monetary union to create a smaller bloc as the Greek crisis threatens to turn the euro area into a region of 'fiscal profligacy.'"
The Greek Drama: German Professors Take on the IMF and the EU
BRIC leaders: IMF, World Bank has 'legitimacy deficits'
Deflation is pushing Ireland to restructure faster
If the economy is recovering, why is gold still rallying?
Turkish unemployment up to 14.5 percent
Russia Could Raise Up To $5 Billion In Eurobond Market Return
Dubai World creditors reject 1 pct interest
Euro Zone Government Debt Could Top 100% of GDP
Defusing Canada's debt bomb
U.S. Debt Headed To Possible 'Crisis'

Russia flexes muscles in Western airspace
Hillary Clinton tells Israel to stop 'settlement activity' and provoking Palestine
Syria: Israel's Scud Accusation May Be Pretense for Attack
How U.S. weapons technology is finding its way to Iran
U.S. Lawmaker Asks France To Stop Russia Ship Sale

Danish Hotel Pays Its Guests to Generate Electricity on Exercise Bikes

Chinese city to sterilise 10,000: report
China takes fresh measures to deflate housing bubble

Iran struggling to sell oil, storing millions of barrels at sea

Brazilian President Lula: BRIC countries must forge a transparent system of global governance
Afghanistan, the TAPI Pipeline, and Energy Geopolitics

Thailand: Red shirt leader embarrasses government with daring escape
Thai PM puts army chief in charge of security

UK: Britain Going Bankrupt?

Japan: Gov't asks farmers to supply more vegetables to stem price hikes
Incredible shrinking Japan Airlines: JAL receives far more early retirement applications than planned

-- Volcano is actually a lesson on world's reliance on oil --
Volcano illustrates world's interconnectedness
Europe's Flight Chaos Worsens as Ash Cloud Spreads
Airlines' Revenue Loss From Ash $200 Million a Day
Flight ban could leave UK short of fruit and veg
Impact of volcanic ash surfacing for US businesses

Canada: Price of electricity jumps 12 per cent

Natural Gas May Be Worse for the Planet than Coal

US: 98% loss for Goldman Sachs property fund
Minn. might have to make bank run for 2011 bills
Deadly night in Chicago as 7 killed in shootings
Army wants unmanned Black Hawks
SEC accuses Goldman Sachs of defrauding investors
Regulators shut 5 banks in Fla., Mass., Mich. (total for year: 47)
Navy admits that anti-pirate patrols are unsustainable

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