Sunday, April 18, 2010


News Links, April 19, 2010

Japan 'boosting intelligence on Chinese military'
Japan bemoans route used by Chinese flotilla
Japanese islanders rally against US base plan
Russia must have role in Europe-based missile defence system, says Nato chief

European new car market enjoys calm before storm
Volcano cloud pushes European airlines to the brink: analysts
Abu Dhabi opens arms to serious investors
Abu Dhabi told to avoid Dubai property perils
$364bn of UAE construction projects on hold, cancelled

Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn't a mistake – it was a con
Merrill Used Same Alleged Fraud as Goldman, Bank Says
Goldman Sachs May Face U.K., German Probes After Suit
The Future of Capitalism - Profits and Growth (but not without cheap oil)
Saint-Etienne Swaps Explode as Financial Weapons Ambush Europe

China Lends Venezuela $20 Billion, Secures Oil Supply
China Boosts Gas Sales to Iran, Irks U.S.
Chinese coal demand to remain strong
Ecuadorean threat to oil giants
Russia eyes gas discount for Ukraine in exchange for energy project participation
Saudi Arabia sets up nuclear energy science centre
"Fast growing power demand is forcing Saudi Arabia to look at all sources of energy."

Thailand Tourism Devastated by Political Unrest
Thailand faces threat of yellow-shirt counter-protest

Malaysia: Cap on foreign workers likely

China Starts New Bureau to Curb Web

Suspicions Hamper U.S. Access To Kyrgyzstan Air Base
Taliban say buildup under way
Suicide bomb at police station kills 7 in Pakistan

UK: Government plan to bring back 200,000 stranded Britons will involve Navy if crisis worsens
General election 2010: Labour promises Mandarin in schools
Israel Sells More Drone Technology to UK

US: Eight Banks Fail, 2010 Tally Hits 50
Rising Fuel Prices Could Chill Summer Vacation Plans
Shoe heels go glitzy in hard times
Natural Gas Boom Gets Put On Hold (sheds revealing light on shale gas)
Airlines Pledge Not To Charge For Carry-Ons
Clinton Says He Got Wrong Advice on Derivatives
Southern California office market continues to weaken

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