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News Links, April 2, 2010

Africa may have lost £1tn in illegal flows of money, researchers say
"More than £1tn may have flowed out of Africa illegally over the last four decades, most of it to western financial institutions, according to a new report."

Russia: Medvedev visits Dagestan, promises 'crueler' measures

Middle East in huge naval expansion
ElBaradei: Western policy in Mideast a total failure

China 'ready for talks' on new UN sanctions on Iran
Iran Talks Still Lack Chinese, Russian Accord on Sanctions Menu

CERA: Iraq oil output goals unlikely to be met
Saudi minister applauds US oil drill plan
UAE becomes hub of Middle East base oil trade
Oil settles near $85, higher fuel costs ahead
Expect a new peak for oil next year (Jeff Rubin)

Iron pricing overhaul expected to bolster swaps

Beheadings become signature of Mexico's drug gangs
Drug cartels target Mexican army in brazen attacks
18 gunmen die in attack on two army bases in Mexico

China's Global Shopping Spree
"Giant Chinese energy and manufacturing firms have been on a veritable spending binge when it comes to locking down resource supplies for the twenty-first century."

Specialist says water shortage threatens food security

US: Fracking Not A Cleaner Alternative: Cornell Prof
Ticking prime bomb: Fannie Mae delinquencies rise
Case-Shiller: January's housing prices indicate end of real estate bounce
Stocks Rally, Oil Now Above $85 A Barrel
Michelle Obama expands the White House garden
Treasury Unemployment Benefit Outlays Surge To All Time High
$1 million: Too little to retire on?
Drill, baby, drill: The myth of energy independence
Medical waste shipments turn up heads, torsos
End of the (assembly) line for Calif. car plant
U.S. Debt–to-GDP Situation, When Will the Dominos Align
Electric Vehicles Losing Their 'Zero Emissions' Claim in U.S.
Texas Capitol shut down by blackout
Holy bubble! Churches struck down by foreclosures

And finally... (April Fool)
China Forgives U.S. Debt
The Opening of Cornucopia LLC

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