Monday, April 19, 2010


News Links, April 20, 2010

US says military strikes against Iran on the table
Joint Chiefs Chair: No, No, No. Don't Attack Iran.
Israel mulls buying more F-15s, F-16s

Saudis Tighten China Energy Ties to Reduce U.S. Dependence
Iran to set up 'Oil Industry Bank'
Gas exporting countries to consider increase in gas prices for Europe

Blast hurts official's driver in Russia's Ingushetia

-- International high finance! --
Airline losses from ash climb over $1 billion
Greek borrowing cost at new high
Gordon Brown and Angela Merkel attack Goldman Sachs
The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme: IMF Increases Its Fire-Fighting Fund 11-Fold
"The IMF's eleven-fold increase in its fire-fighting fund, announced earlier this week, is a sign that the endgame for the global debt markets is approaching."
Abu Dhabi and Dubai rent to fall further 20%

SKorea's Lee vows strong action in ship sinking

Volcanic flight ban hits Kenya farm workers (On the virtues of globalization)

UK: What happens if Britain's population hits 70m?
UK's 'virtual water' reliance worsens global shortages

US: Seattle sees another housing bust
Poll: Americans' distrust of federal government is deepening
Bill Clinton's warning on extremist mood in US
Citigroup posts $4.4 billion first-quarter profit
Spitzer: Goldman suit no coincidence
Advocates carry handguns, rifles at Va. rally
McCain suggests using military tech on Mexico border
Senate set to consider NSA chief as head of Cyber Command
Richard Clarke On The Growing 'Cyberwar' Threat
Baja California luxury developments go from boom to bust
14 Risks with Supposedly "Safest" Securities

And finally... Grass-eating beetle could devastate Britain's lawns!

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