Tuesday, April 20, 2010


News Links, April 21, 2010

Israeli defense minister says no war this summer
Israel builds up deep-sea navy
America's Loose Nukes in Israel

Two Iraq Al Qaeda leaders killed: Did they really get Abu Omar al-Baghdadi?
"Iraqi authorities announced last year they had killed Baghdadi..."
Terrorists Seek Next 'Jihad Jane' on English-Language Web Sites

Turkey offers to mediate on Iran's nuclear programme
It may be too late to stop Iran getting nuclear bomb, says former US defence official
Henry Kissinger: US and Russia should share anti-Iran missile defense
Israelis Debate Striking Iran Without U.S. Consent
Would the U.S. Shoot Down an Israeli Jet? Top Officer Won't Say
Assad due in Egypt to discuss threat of Israeli-Syrian war
Saudi Arabia to Create First Nuclear City in Kingdom

Thai army 'ready to use live fire against red-shirts'
Communist rebels kill police in the Philippines
Somali pirates seize 3 Thai ships with 77 crew

The future of air travel
"Within the next decade, dozens of major airlines will go bankrupt."
Zambia flower and food exports hit by ash flight ban

China: Expert warns on hot money
China Idles 40% of Windpower Turbine Output Capacity

Japan: Ministry aims to build over 14 new atomic power plants by 2030
Japan's FY 2009 Crude Steel Output Falls below 100 M. Tons
Ash disruption causes Nissan to suspend some production

Iceland's Banks 'Could Collapse' Without Central Bank Knowing
Greece Debt Swaps at Record as Icelandic Ash Smothers Aid Talks
In Saudi Arabia, a Credit Squeeze
Greek Default Could Be 'Infectious,' Deutschlandfunk Reports
How lending Greece a hand could get Germany kicked out of the Euro
GDP Is The Real Fraud
German Windfall Profits From Exiting The Euro

Google releases tool to show government censorship requests
Arizona, Belgium, UK: Traffic Cameras Spun, Scorched, Swiped
Intelligence had warned of attacks in major cities (India)

UK: Inflation: surging fuel costs push CPI to 3.4%
Student loans fear follows inflation increase

Mexico/US: Tapeworm brain infections increasing

US: Gun rights advocates rally in Washington, Virginia
"They are coming for everything because they are a bunch of socialists."
Why the U.S. Can't Inflate Its Way Out of Debt
Virginia reopens highway rest stops, but roads are crumbling
Boston park system facing cash shortage
Copper Thieves Target Power Lines
Lawyer Who Saved Bill Clinton From Impeachment, Brought In To Rescue Goldman Sachs
Commercial Property Prices: The Downturn Continues
Recovery? Most metro areas still losing jobs
School lunches called a national security threat
L.A. Mayor Axes Firefighters, Clerks to Fill Yawning Budget Gap

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