Thursday, April 22, 2010


News Links, April 23, 2010

Jet fuel's rise poses risk to airlines
Biofuels cause four times more carbon emissions
Ecological risk grows as Deepwater Horizon oil rig sinks in Gulf

Peak Phosphorus
"This is the gravest natural resource shortage you've never heard of."
Ukraine to up uranium output

South Korean ship sunk by crack squad of 'human torpedoes'
Report: SKorea warned of NKorean submarine attack
Pentagon backtracks: Iran attack not 'off the table'
Iran plans to produce missile systems similar to Russia S-300: official
Iran begins war games in Gulf, Strait of Hormuz
"Argentina became the eighth Latin American country to buy Russian weapons, along with Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia."
Bosnia gets Nato membership plan
Russian navy tests supersonic missiles in Sea of Japan exercise

Moore Capital warns of euro-zone 'breakdown'
More Euro Bleeding, And 3 Reasons Why Washington May Refuse More IMF Aid
Euro-Area Deficit Widens to More Than Double Limit
Markets Brace for Greek Default
Greek debt crisis worsens as EU revises figures
Greek Deficit Revised to 13.6%; Moody's Cuts Rating
Governments Will 'Bankrupt Us': Marc Faber

Pakistan holding thousands in indefinite detention, officials say
US weighs Iran military option
"If Iran decides to go for nuclear weapons, the US may not be able to permanently stop this from happening unless it is willing to occupy the country."

China's new dam seen as a water hog
China Bank Thinks It Can Get $30 Billion in I.P.O.
China Sets Sights On Enhanced Air, Sea Power
China's LNG imports surge 86.4% in Mar
The Ripple Effect of China's Sagging Real Estate Sector
Marc Faber on Bubble Building in China

Mexico: Armed gang abducts seven people during hotel attacks

Vietnam: Dry rivers spell power shortage

Japan: IMF says continued ultra-loose monetary policy needed to fight deflation
Idemitsu To Cut Oil Refining Capacity 16% By FY13
JAL Debt Worth 20% Of Par Value Based On CDS Auction Results

Canada: Crumbling Parliament buildings on verge of 'total failure': Auditor general

Thailand: Grenade attacks kill three and injure 75

French to ban Muslim women from wearing veil
Belgium lawmakers set to ban Islamic burqa Thursday

'Black Swan' Volcano Offers Us Lessons

UK: Leicestershire to dim street lights

US: GM bailout was a total failure
Schwarzenegger, Villaraigosa back plans to rein in pension costs
Inland Empire hate groups come into focus
NYC firefighters, Marines to hold terror drill
U.S. doctors, minorities still wary of shots: official
Killer fungus seen in Pacific Northwest
At 40, Earth Day Is Now Big Business
Many Americans struggling with rising rental housing costs
Flying car? Dept of Defense OKs new Jetsons-like vehicle
The Future of American Combat Aviation: FUBAR?
Home prices remain in decline
DataQuick: Foreclosures moving to mid-to-high end
Detroit area unemployment rate is 15.5% in March
"Lights Out" Could Save City Millions, Cause Crime

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