Monday, April 26, 2010


News Links, April 27, 2010

Pakistan begins second phase of war games
Kim Jong-il Watches Massive Military Drill
Lawmakers Approve State of Emergency in Paraguay Region
Japan's First Foreign Military Base to Open in Djibouti Africa
Israel 'cuts arms sales to Turkey'
Report: US leaked warning on Hezbollah Scud possession
Hundreds Killed as US Escalates Pakistan Strikes, Few Notable Militants Reported Killed

British al-Qaeda commander planned July 7-style attack on New York subway
Al Qaeda operative Rashid Rauf reported killed in North Waziristan strike (Nov 22, 2008)

Russia, Norwegian leaders discuss Arctic border

China Renders Iran Sanctions Toothless
"In fact, refinery expansion currently underway should make Iran a gasoline exporter by 2013."
Chinese Oil Companies Expanding Collaboration on Major Projects
Will China Rip Africa's Face Off?
China's Navy Gets Its Act Together, and Gets Aggressive

British ambassador to Yemen escapes assassination attempt by suicide bomber

UAE motorists face further fuel price hike
Gas Shortages in Haiti: A Long Ranging Problem
Sympathy for the oil industry: diminishing returns start to hit home

Thai pro-govt supporters call for martial law
Thai Protesters Ask Backers to Block Police and Military as Crackdown Looms
Protests, blockades, grenade attack against politician

Portugal Credit Default Swaps Hit Record High
China Stimulus Plan Report Is Doubted by Economists
Greece's Fiscal Woes Are Lesson for Japan, IMF's Shinohara Says
Bank of Ireland Plans to Raise 3.4 Billion Euros
Greek Bond Yields at 12-Year High, Contagion Increasing
Merkel Tells Greece, Euro Region That Bailout Isn't a Done Deal

New World Order: Squatting - How to Squat in Abandoned Property
Squatters: 4.4 Million and Counting (US)

UK: Couples must budget £600,000 for retirement

US: Military cancels nuclear attack test
NSA holds cyber boot camp
Illinois lawmakers want National Guard to quash rampant violence in Chicago
Wanted: 3,000 National Guard Troops to Combat Violence 'Epidemic' at Mexican Border
Gasoline ready to push to new 18-month high with $3-per-gallon on the horizon
10 Cities Facing a Double Whammy of Default Risks
Airlines: First it was the baggage fees. What's next? Pay toilets?
Targeted Killing Lite: Inside the CIA's New Drone Arsenal
Missile system enters design phase
Carnivores' Dilemma Widens as Pork Signals Meat Surge
Tsunami of Red Ink - Global Look at National Debt and Who Owns US Debt

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