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News Links, April 28, 2010

Norway agrees Barents Sea Arctic border with Russia
US evacuates oil rig after Gulf of Mexico leak

Strike shuts down Greek ports
Fears of civil conflict deepen in Thailand
SE Asia Worries Thailand's Unrest Could Spread
Egypt a ticking time bomb

Brazil plans an armed force of 500,000
Report: Turkey, Syria to conduct joint military exercise
Iran says military drill in Persian Gulf "successful"
China arms Iran
China seeks close military ties with Cuba
North Korea Readying For 3rd Nuclear Test: Report
Chavez Accuses US Plane of 'Electronic Warfare'
UN scales back after three bomb blasts rock Kandahar City ahead of key Nato campaign

Global oil demand to increase by five million bpd: Kuwait
Commodity prices to remain high, says IMF report
Gazprom becomes world's most profitable company
Electrolux warns of rising raw material prices
Australian steam coal price surges to USD 108 per tonne FOB
Lords of Water
"Estimates are that the U.S. will have to invest $23 billion annually for the next 20 years to maintain water infrastructure at its current level."
Five Questions About Gold The IMF Refuses To Answer
IMF to hold summit on global reform in Zurich
Standard & Poor's downgrade Greek credit rating to junk status
Europe debt crisis spreads to Portugal
Greek bondholders may take €200 billion haircut
Stocks Plummet as Market Wakes Up to "Real Crisis," Says Peter Schiff
"The economy is in worse shape than in 2008."
Greece Just Tip of Debt Crisis Iceberg: Roubini

UK launches competition to find cyber security experts
General Election 2010: multi-billion black holes in all three parties' spending plans

US: Secrecy Shrouds NYPD's Anti-Terror Camera System
Banks go bust in US wiping out billions of assets
Bernanke Knows Avoiding a Disorderly Collapse Is Increasingly Unlikely
"We have a $14 trillion economy that has accumulated a fifty-eight percent net deficit, or more than double the distortions that had to be absorbed in the 1930s. It is obvious that sudden withdrawal of that support would lead to an instantaneous and catastrophic economic collapse."
The New Secessionists
City hopes lights off will brighten the budget
Buddy, can you spare $120 mil? Seattle's budget blues; Deficits projected for years to come
Panel to seek solutions to U.S. budget woes
"We could have double-digit growth for 30 years and never grow our way out of this."
Obama Debt Panel Considers Ideas to Reduce Red Ink
"This debt is like a cancer; it's a cancer that's going to destroy our country from within."
54% Lack Confidence in U.S. Banking System
Fed-up fliers turn to U.S. train travel
Depaving Portland: Who Says Cities Have to be Islands of Concrete?
Pentagon's Mach 20 Glider Disappears, Whacking 'Global Strike' Plans
Ten Trillion And Counting
Chronic unemployment rises to a record among jobless Americans: Chart of day
Raw Materials Bumping Up Home Prices
'Deep concerns': Napolitano testifies Arizona immigration law will be reviewed
Layoff Notices Sent to Thousands of US Teachers
Look out below: U.S. pain not done yet

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