Friday, April 02, 2010


News Links, April 3, 2010

Gulf states face crippling energy, food, and water shortages
Arab states urged to be open on water scarcity
Africa looks to nuclear power
"Wind and solar solutions aren't reliable enough, planners say, nor do they offer adequate electricity."
Oil set to rise above $90 a barrel
Opec output falls, Iraqi oil production slumps
Tension Builds in the Gulf of Guinea as Competition for Economic Resources Increases
Ukraine PM Says Ready to Discuss Gas Pipeline Modernization with Russia
Argentina keeps heat up on Falklands sovereignty claim

China's credit curbs pose mounting risk to commodities
Next Meltdown Will Be Driven by "Big Collapses in Emerging Markets"

North Korea's Kim may have entered China: report

South Korea ship torpedo 'likely' - defence minister
Singapore acquiring Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile air-defense system
Putin offers to help Venezuela's space bid
Putin will help us get nuclear power, says Chávez
U.S. official says intel suggests Iran plans to ship arms to Taliban

Dubai property market needs more than Nakheel aid - analysts

Bees, Birds, and Mankind: Destroying Nature by 'Electrosmog' (PDF)

US: Anti-terror NY subway war games
Your Data Rules the World
U.S. changing the way air travelers are screened
FBI warns extremist letters to governors may encourage violence
Tracking The Job Trackers -- April 2, 2010
Goldman On The NFP Number - "Little Underlying Improvement...Productivity Gains Have Diminished Sharply"
Recessionary Impact: Fewer Shopping Trips and Less Spending Per Trip (Nielsen)
Recovery-less Recovery: Unemployment Duration 2010
California Hotel Foreclosures Climb as Unemployment Cuts Travel

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