Saturday, April 03, 2010


News Links, April 4, 2010

IDF Chief of Intelligence Makes a Secret Trip to China

Email from a Chinese on China's Real Estate Bubble
"The real estate bubble in China is enormous, and even out of the control of government."

The heroin epidemic advancing on Russia

People in Niger Heading Toward Capital in Search of Food

Thailand: Redshirts clog central Bangkok

Incredible shrinking Japan Airlines: JAL May Axe 50 International, Domestic Routes After Fall
Ragtag military left to defend Japan on shoestring budget

Laid-off workers threaten to blow up French plant

No Drawdown for US Special Forces in Iraq

British banks close 434 branches

US: Kansas bill would let people carry guns in buildings without metal detectors
Extended jobless benefits end Monday
U.S. to delay report on allegations of Chinese currency manipulation
Without Shuttles, Astronauts' Careers May Stall
Note: Another sign that the space program is winding down.
Company opens center to test, develop warfighter technologies
More Debtors Find Their Pay Being Garnished by Creditors
FBI, DHS probe 'Guardians' who demanded governors resign

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