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News Links, April 5, 2010

India: 30% Mall Vacancy Rate in Cities, Falling Rents (Real estate bubble: coming right up!)
35pct of Indian coal mining areas are in No Go zones
Domestic steel prices gain 13 pct in March - 02 Apr, 2010

Russia's Chechen War: It All Comes Down to Energy Rents
Russia to borrow for 1st time since 1998 default
"The government now is anxious to raise extra cash in order to manage a budget deficit which is expected to reach 6.4 percent of economic output this year."
Russia rail bombs seen linked to Moscow attacks

Officials Wake Up to Peak Oil
As economies improve, oil prices begin to stir
Egypt's largest steelmaker raised steel prices 25% to recoup soaring raw material costs
Global Steelmakers Alarmed By Iron Ore Price Spike
Electric cars: Gasoline Still Has Some Advantages as Fuel

The IMF should impose default on Greece to end the charade
Europe: Out of Time-Outs
Stung by costly loans, Greece doubts EU debt plan
Trade of the Decade: Sell Everything

At Least 50 Killed in Baghdad Bombings As Bloody Weekend Continues

Drought causes thermal coal shortage in central China province
China's big drought expected to worsen

UK: Conservatives call for 'in your face policing' to combat social disorder

The World Cup: No Winner in South Africa
"When the World Cup was awarded to us in 2004, the economic situation was completely different."

New foe in U.S. drug war: Mexican assassins

US: Despite dire budget warnings, Los Angeles' payroll continued to grow
Detroit schools: running on credit card-like debt, risking financial collapse
Water bills go up in down economy as usage drops
States Boost Border Security as Pleas to Washington Go Unmet
Alarm over shortage of nuclear experts
San Diego: Shortage of power sends grid workers scrambling
Could Your Wages Be Garnished? Personal Bankruptcies Spike
The problem of empty office space
Florida: Hundreds of miles of aging seawalls are crumbling

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