Monday, April 05, 2010


News Links, April 6, 2010

Peak asphalt: the return of gravel roads

Sources: Oman to buy 24 Eurofighters
Several dead in Pakistan bomb attacks
Taliban suicide squad attempts to storm US consulate in Peshawar
Armed men storm Mexico prison to free 13 inmates
Ingushetia hit by suicide attack
Russia Islamist network takes shape as Caucasus hit by another terrorist attack
Russia 'may sell $5 billion of weapons to Venezuela'
South Korea tanker hijacked by Somali pirates
South Korean navy pursues hijacked oil tanker

Faith-based economics in two graphs
Greek Deputy PM Says Portugal May Be Next Victim: Report

Copper May Surpass $8,000 for First Time Since 2008
Oil India Has $2.5 Billion Cash for Acquisitions
The Iron Ore Market: A New Pricing System Ushers In The End Of An Era
Oil Headed To $100-$110 Near-Term

5,000 flood Mongolia's capital, demand new government
Power cuts, politics Pakistan's potent mix
Vietnam: State power company limits power provided to new large industrial users

Airlines offer private rooms as ultimate in luxury travel

Iran's Economic Troubles Mount As Sanctions Loom
"Experts say subsidies could eventually bankrupt the Iranian government."

Zimbabwe Struggles Against 'Out-Of-Control' Measles Epidemic

DoD Report: Other Countries Leveling Space Playing Field

Canada: Experts say new ePassport is easy to hack

US: Michigan ranks second in nation for worst roads
"38 counties in Michigan have pulverized more than 100 miles of pavement back to gravel because they don't have the money needed for repairs."
Overnight fires burned at 8 vacant Flint homes, 1 occupied
Few signs of economic recovery for small business on Main Street
Los Angeles to Run Out of Cash in a Month, City Controller Says
N.Y. Budget 'Shell Game' Hides Deficits, Report Finds
January Numbers Show Food Stamp Participation Continues to Climb Dramatically
On Borrowed Time: The Crushing Burden of Student Loans
Federal stimulus plan for solar power will take decades to return investment
Study: Northeast seeing more, fiercer rainstorms
Lauderdale officials want to tear down abandoned condo buildings along river
"Waterfront buildings with condos that just five years ago were outfitted with granite countertops and quickly snapped up by dozens of investors stand vacant today, abandoned, and in ruins."
Anti-Government Unrest and American Vigilantism
Key US Senator Warns of Potential for Domestic Terrorism
U.S. military goes hungry in Afghanistan
U.S. Decline, Sloth Look a Lot Like End of Rome: Mark Fisher

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