Tuesday, April 06, 2010


News Links, April 7, 2010

Maoist rebels kill at least 76 troops in India
Kyrgyz protesters seize regional government office
35 killed as six explosions rock Baghdad
Pakistan, India Prepare Major Military Exercises

FT: IMF giddy with 'glee' over Greece's devastation
Baltics lead in European unemployment
LBO Capital Raising Plummets 81% From '08 Peak as Returns Slump
Deutsche's $1 billion financing for Riga increases scrutiny on muni derivatives use
"A financing transaction arranged for Riga by Deutsche Bank shows how local authorities can lay their hands on spending money without reporting it as debt."
Developed world faces higher state debt

Oil Companies--Some Run by Former Bush Officials--Make a Risky Move Into Kurdistan
Global Oil Pricing: As the World Turns
"The five billion people in the developing world know nothing about Peak Demand theory, or other such myths from oil-consultant hatcheries in America."
Nigeria Pledges to Work With U.S. on Energy, Security

Ethiopia launches electric car despite power shortages

Cyber-spies based in China target Indian government and Dalai Lama

How Wind Farms Affect the Global Climate

China expands Latin links, Hu sets visit
Hainan Strives to Be a Playground for the Rich

UK: Soaring petrol prices 'force car use cutbacks'
Is the British Pound the Next Shoe to Drop?
Is commercial property in terminal decline?

US: NY's Indian Point Nuclear Plant Denied Key Permit
Bailed-out banks feast on bankrupt customers
Mighty America's 5 stages of rapid decline
Let the Short Sales Begin
Outsourcing homework to India
U.S. Apartment Rents Decline as Vacancies at Record, Reis Says
F.C.C. Rules for Broadband Fairness Set Aside by Court
Grasshopper invasion: just what Western states don't want
Report: Detroit must get budget in order
Los Angeles Mayor Asks for City Service Closing Two Days Weekly
U.S. government is stepping up recruitment of engineers who can help wage cyberwar
Study: California's Pensions Underfunded By $500B
The new foreclosure wave is here
A 'bloodbath' in US bonds?

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