Wednesday, April 07, 2010


News Links, April 8, 2010

Protests force state of emergency in Bangkok
Interior minister killed in Kyrgyzstan uprising
Bloodshed on streets of Kyrgyzstan as government cracks down on protesters
Opposition says it leads Kyrgyzstan after uprising

Eurozone growth lowered to zero
The Fate Of The Euro Is Decided
IMF experts in Athens as crisis hits euro
Four Largest Greek Banks Ask For Aid As Funding Crisis Becomes Full-Blown Liquidity Fiasco, Bundesbank Gets Cold Feet Over Bailout
Emerging Market Debt Soars on Growth Forecasts: Credit Markets

One of the World's Best Kept Secrets: Cuban Medical Aid to Haiti

Russia to deliver S-300 missile systems to Iran

Search engines' dirty secret (massive power consumption)

Japan: Feb Core Machinery Orders Down 5.4% On Month

White House Won't Say if Karzai Is Still an Ally
US-Afghan relations sink further as Hamid Karzai accused of drug abuse

UK: Consumer debt help planning was "complete failure"

Byron Wien: Oil at $100, Gold at $1,500 by Year-End

U.S. military works with Mexico to fight drug traffickers

US: Shuttle fleet's home counts down to an uncertain future
Unbundled airline fees reach the overhead bin
On the stamp: Food stamp participation January 2010
There's nothing wrong with Social Security... except that it's bankrupt
Las Vegas Foreclosure Tours By Private Jet (Reserve your seat now!)
The Great Debt Pay-Down Resumes: Consumer Credit Fell by $11.5 Billion in February
"Munis are about to implode."

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