Friday, April 30, 2010


News Links, May 1, 2010

Athens clash at finance ministry over budget cuts
Greece's survival at stake, prime minister warns
Spanish Unemployment Rate Tops 20%, Borrowing Costs Rise; Debt Rollover Risk Mounts
Spain Pricks Solar Power Bubble as Greek Fate Looms
Willem Buiter Issues His Most Dire Prediction Yet
Fears of crushing debt spread to cities, provinces

China invites world to 6-month party

Iran warns Israel against attacking Syria

Venezuela's Car Industry Freezes Up as Dollars Run Out

Thai protesters storm major hospital in Bangkok

BP's Thunder Horse to Under-Perform in the Wake of the Deepwater Horizon Blowout?
Nuclear Power: How Green Is It?
Solar test site work set to begin in June (Qatar)

Japan: 38.7% of households in red: survey
Japan factory output up but jobless rate worsens
Why the sun is setting on Japan

Deaths in Mexico drug war pass 22,000, but who's counting?

The Costs of Complexity

US: Terror Drill In Downtown Detroit
LAPD Sees 100,000 Marchers In May Day Rally
Stanford Researchers Unveil Fly-on-the-Wall Spy Drone
Bill Clinton blames current crisis on getting off gold standard
Dems' immigration proposal creates national ID card, 'fingerprints every worker'
South Florida foreclosures way up in first quarter
BP, Transocean Suits Surge as Gulf Oil Spill Spreads
Tests of Army dirigibles to use drones, missiles
U.S. Debt: Average Maturity Is On the Rise
Border security bill: Surveillance drones, radar key parts of $300M plan
Nearly 600 arrested in immigration sweep
Economists: The stimulus didn't help
Regulators close banks in Puerto Rico, Mich., Mo. (62 for year)
Dow Slumps 159: "We Need Substantially Higher Growth Rates," Galbraith Says

And finally... Boy Scouts of America introduce new video game badge

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