Monday, May 31, 2010


News Links, June 1, 2010

-- Israeli raid crisis --
At least 16 dead as Israeli troops storm Gaza aid flotilla
Turkey vents fury at Israeli armed action
Turks march against Israeli attack
Israel accused of state terrorism after assault on flotilla carrying Gaza aid
EU hold emergency talks on Israel
Hague 'deplores' Gaza aid ship deaths
Israel's deadly Gaza flotilla raid sparks diplomatic crisis
Ireland says Israel kidnapped its citizens in international waters
UN chief calls for investigation of Gaza aid flotilla raid
Deadly Israeli Raid on Aid Flotilla Draws Condemnation
Russia: Israel's attack on aid flotilla violated international law

-- Global financial implosion --
Spain's troubled savings banks edge towards their day of reckoning
Nigerian airlines to get bail-out
Debt Crisis Drying Up European Lending, Espirito Santo Says
Brazil, India, China May Be Overheating, Roubini Says
Italy's Municipalities Face Derivative Losses of $1.4 Billion
World Cup May Leave South Africa an Unexpected Legacy
Beijing in a sweat as China's economy overheats
Dubai residential rents to drop further, office vacancies to rise 10%

Seoul Weighs Shift in U.S. Military Ties
U.S.-Saudi security alliance 'very strong'

China aims to be become supercomputer superpower

More Saudi currency going to Afghanistan

-- Oil volcano --
Scientists warn of unseen deepwater oil disaster
US military rejects calls to take control of oil spill
Obama Sends Bomb, Mars Experts to Fix BP Oil Spill
Oil From Spill May Reach Two Other States This Week

Japan: Shortage of doctors in outlying regions
Chinese premier agrees to negotiations on gas field treaty

US: States passing budget cuts onto local governments
The Looming Financial Holocaust - Is Closer Than We Thought
Spending could be European crisis' next victim

And finally... 'Mini skirt meteorology' used to predict weather

Sunday, May 30, 2010


News Links, May 31, 2010

China Real Estate Bubble Bursts in Bond Market: Credit Markets
Another downgrade for Spanish debt
Keeping France's AAA Rating Is "A Stretch": Budget Minister
Greece will not restructure debt: finance minister
Second firm withdraws drugs from Greece over cuts

Oil, the Pentagon, and the law of diminishing returns
Why Oil Depletion = Environmental Tragedy
Media claim access to spill site has been limited
Fury and despair as BP admits oil could leak for months
Colin Powell: Oil Spill Is 'Beyond The Capacity' Of BP To Solve, Military Might Have Role
Close to 500 Aramco workers seek early retirement - report
Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill. The US and Europe ignore it
Iraq: Experts cautious about unrealistic oil predictions

Unrest May Signal New Phase in China Economy
Honda China Plants May Remain Closed as Union Says Staff to Stay on Strike

-- War drums --
Gen. McChrystal: 'Clear evidence' Taliban trained in Iran
Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran

Bangladesh blocks Facebook over prophet drawings

Hundreds die in Indian heatwave

Israel moves to stop Gaza aid fleet

UK: British Airways cabin crew launch new strikes

US: Pentagon: Let Us Secure Your Network or Face the 'Wild Wild West' Internet Alone
'Continuity of Government' Planning: War, Terror and the Supplanting of the U.S. Constitution
Mexican pirates attack Texas fishermen on Falcon Lake, which straddles border
US government is killing its own economy
Poll: Debt stresses out Americans
Nearly 900,000 Californians are long-term unemployed
Vermont Farm Takes On Border Fight With U.S.
Cost of wars crosses $1 trillion mark
Bankruptcy talk spreads among Calif. muni officials

And finally... Joys of the Net
(1) Hilarious web addresses revealed in new book
(2) BBC's bizarre domain names revealed

Saturday, May 29, 2010


News Links, May 30, 2010

Dow ends worst May in 70 years
Credit Crisis Indicators Going Bonkers Again! Batten Down the Hatches!
Huge Price Cuts Rumored From Chinese Developers Due To Collapsing Demand
China: The Next Ill Wind?
Graying Germany Contemplates Demographic Time Bomb
China's Currency Manipulation: About to Cause a Global Explosion?
Analysis: Spain government is struggling in crisis

Lake in Pakistan begins to overflow
US mulls unilateral Pakistan raids
India vows to crush Maoists as crash toll climbs

Israel rejects Middle East nuclear talks plan
Israelis see West Bank as a war 'refuge'

Gulf Oil Spill: With so many oil resources, can't we just drill somewhere else?
BP announces 'top kill' has failed to stop Gulf oil leak
Matt Simmons Tells Bloomberg Only Way To Contain Oil Leak Is With Small Nuclear Bombs, "Top Kill" Is Just A Distraction
Barreling Toward Peak Oil

UAE Population leaps to 8.19 million
"The report revealed that last year's falling oil price and higher government spending to tackle the fallout from the global economic crisis had 'completely wiped out' the government surplus in 2009."

European Dream of Desert Energy Takes Shape
"Trucks equipped with large blue cleaning brushes are constantly roaming through the rows of mirrors. 'We clean 24 hours a day,' says Rodriguez."

Insulin giant pulls medicine from Greece over price cut

Millions face hunger in arid belt of Africa

Japan: Ruling Bloc On Brink Of Collapse After Futenma Fiasco
Banks receive over 520,000 applications under debt moratorium law

Scientists claim mobile phones responsible for colony collapse disorder
Riz gets bee buzz right - Experiment shows fallout of mobile radiation

Microsoft's Orwellian tracking system goes public

US: Three American cities on the brink of broke
Pennsylvania's roads worse, despite $600M in stimulus funds, report says
Study Shows Michigan Losing Jobs From Crumbling Roads
Three water mains break in Oklahoma City

And finally... Latvia blondes hold festival to beat recession blues

Friday, May 28, 2010


News Links, May 29, 2010

How the Exxon Valdez Spill Created the Credit Default Swap
Italy Is About To Be Smashed By A Wave Of Debt Maturities Worse Than Greece
Greek Unions to Strike in June, Call for Joint Action
Spain Loses AAA Rating at Fitch Amid Deficit Crisis
Dubai fears reignite on $1.25bn debt payment delay
Will The USD Be Replaced By The SDR Or The CNY As The Next Reserve Currency?
U.S. in the Early Stages of Debt Deleveraging Cycle

Philippines: Brownouts in Manila

NPT declaration to name Israel

Pakistan: Motorcycle gunmen kill four police officers
Taliban militants attack Lahore mosques, kill 70

North Korea 'is exporting nuclear technology' says UN report
China 'will not protect' Korea ship attackers

U.N. Official To Call For End Of CIA Drone Strikes
Russia's War Games Preparing for Conflict with the East
Iran Navy detects US nuke sub in Persian Gulf

'Maoist sabotage' kills 65 on train in eastern India

Japan jobless rate up, while prices fall in April
U.S., Japan To Keep U.S. Military Base On Okinawa

UK: Children, 4, 'to be fingerprinted to borrow school books from library'
Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials
English Defence League: Inside the violent world of Britain's new far right
Street lights switch-off to save county council money

Bill Gates funds covert vaccine nanotechnology

US: Holy road trip! Shortage of paint for highway stripes
Senate defeats DeMint's bid to finish U.S.-Mexico 700-mile border fence
Fence alone can't plug porous border
IRS 'Wealth Squads' On The Way
US to Halt 33 Exploration Rigs in Deepwater Review
U.S. Stocks, Oil, Euro Tumble; Dow Ends Worst May Since 1940
Bond Sales Fall to Least in Decade, Yields Soar: Credit Markets
The housing rot is still eating the US economy from the inside
Gulf shrimpers fear oil spill will put them out of business
Congress Weighs Private Pension Bailout
Emerging Trend: More Cities Will Declare Bankruptcy to Lower Public Union Costs
Detroit to bulldoze thousands of homes in fight for survival
The New York Real Estate Market Is Re-Busting
Privacy fears mount as ad targeting grows
Street lights turned off to save money (R. I.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


News Links, May 28, 2010

-- International high finance! --
Greek Scramble For Physical Brings Gold Price To $1,700 Per Ounce
"A popular spot for street vendors to sell their coins is near the Athens Stock Exchange. There the traders wait for citizens to bring payments received from unloading their paper assets like stocks and bonds."
Why Gold Will Reach A Record $3000 In 18 Months
Asia's demand for gold soars
Gold vending machines go global
US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus
Sovereign Debt Issuance to Speed Up, at Europe's Peril
Markets rise as China comments support the euro
Is Europe heading for a meltdown?
Dubai suffers new debt delay blow

Work stops on Chinese ghost town
Buick may owe its survival to China

-- War drums --
Seoul on alert as N. Korean submarines disappear in East Sea
S.Korea stages anti-submarine drill amid tensions
NKorea to scrap accord preventing naval clash with SKorea
Iran Apocalypse Soon
Hezbollah says it will hit Israel ships in new war

Death toll from south Russia terrorist attack reaches 7
Tajikistan pines for old Soviet Union strength

India reels under severe heat wave
Potholes in India's Infrastructure Plan

Swelling Pakistani 'lake' threatens villages downstream

Mediterranean Sea Getting Saltier, Hotter
Larger Iceland volcano shows signs of eruption
Singapore oil slick closes beach after ship collision

Can South Africa keep the lights on for the World Cup?

Canada: Rising household debt threatens recovery
Toronto police get 'sound cannons' for G20

German military faces drastic budget cuts

French protest against higher retirement age

Australia: The Land Down Under(water in Mortgage Debt)

US: Homegrown terrorist threat to be part of National Security Strategy
Obama Gives Commanders Wide Berth for Secret Warfare
Citing gulf oil spill, Obama to suspend Arctic drilling
Matt Simmons: "There's Another Leak, Much Bigger, 5 to 6 Miles Away"
BofA, Citi Incorrectly Hid Billions in Repo Debt: Report
Feds Issue Terror Watch for the Texas/Mexico Border
The Hidden Bankruptcy Sector
"Financial institutions and their clients have been buying credit default swaps (CDS) or short selling the bonds of over a dozen states as well as towns, cities, toll bridges, highways and tunnels."
Will Miami Declare Bankruptcy And Start A Nationwide Trend?
The Deflationary Impact of the Coming U.S. Commercial Real Estate Bust
Troops not militarizing Mexico border: U.S. envoy
US predicts busy hurricane season
Darpa's Beady-Eyed Camera Spots the 'Non-Cooperative'
FIRE economy has flamed out
Accounting for increasing energy use by the US food system

And finally... Japan Plans a Moon Base by 2020, Built by Robots for Robots

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


News Links, May 27, 2010

The new feudal overlords of Europe will be the bankers of the ECB
Geithner Urges Europe To Repeat US Stress Test Fraud To Restore "Confidence" In Insolvent Ponzi System
Euro Crisis Is Tip of the Iceberg
America Passes $13 Trillion In Debt
Italy approves 24 billion euro austerity drive

German mercenaries to Somalia?

Australia: Tasmania infrastructure in shambles

Bodies pile up in Jamaica's assault for drug kingpin

Deadly blast rocks Russian city

Colony Collapse Disorder: Cause Discovered?

China's Five-Star Infrastructure, Underused
China Goes After Gold And Oil
Suicides Among China Factory Workers Surge, Labor Group Says

China-India Water Shortage Means Coca-Cola Joins Intel in Fight
"Wars may start over the scarcity of water."
Energy: The Frantic Global Search for More

Pakistan to restore YouTube, block some videos

Iraqi Airways to be closed following bankruptcy

Space so full of junk that a satellite collision could destroy communications on Earth

UK: Radical plan to privatise motorway network
In real money, British house prices are down by 70%

Where have you been? Google knows...

US: Oil spill brings 'death in the ocean from top to bottom'
Matthew Simmons: It Could Be 24 Years Before The Deepwater Gusher Ends
Deepwater Horizon: This Is What the End of the Oil Age Looks Like
Legendary Investor Is More Worried Than Ever (Wall Street Journal)
"Everything is being manipulated by the government."
Warning: Crash dead ahead. Sell. Get liquid. Now.
"New crash imminent, worse than 2008."
Bank Failure Friday Costs $7.3 Billion in One Weekend
"FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund is estimated to be in arrears by $36.8 billion and GDP is up for the third consecutive quarter without job creation."
More Cities on Brink of Bankruptcy
European Debt Crisis Spurs Jump in Sales of U.S. Gold Coins
Alaska Oil Pipeline Shut After Power Outage
Arizona Seeks to Reassign Heavily Accented Teachers
Pa. National Guard Boarding Up Abandoned Harrisburg Homes
Group Warns of 'Extreme' Restaurant Meals (Last calorie splurge before the crash?)
25 Questions To Ask Anyone Who Is Delusional Enough To Believe That This Economic Recovery Is Real
America's wealthiest 25 percent of households own 87 percent of all U.S. wealth
U.S. Wartime Contract Fraud Expected To Increase
Budget Situation Gets Worse In Grand Rapids
"Right now we need cash. We need it bad because we're going broke."
Obama's New Security Strategy To Stress Cooperation
Are We About To Witness The Greatest Banking Consolidation In U.S. History?
Big Banks Still Manipulating Numbers To Make You Think They're Safer And Better Than They Are
Shale gas: Not all peaches and cream

And finally... RFID chip implanted into man gets computer virus

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


News Links, May 26, 2010

The Horizon Accident, Peak Oil and the Law of Diminishing Returns

Not just their Big Fat Greek Funeral
"The problem facing the Western world isn't very difficult to figure out: we've spent tomorrow today, and we can never earn enough tomorrow to pay for what we've already burned through."
In Europe, Britain May Face Largest Debt Hurdle
Germany 'to extend short-selling ban'
The real cost of US debt
"At least $8.3 trillion of the national debt is missing from the government's books."
Daily Reckoning: European bailout was not enough to save the euro
Economist warns: Europe, then America

Arab states seek air power boosts
U.S. Is Said to Expand Secret Actions in Mideast
"In broadening its secret activities, the United States military has also sought in recent years to break its dependence on the Central Intelligence Agency and other spy agencies."

Jamaican police storm Kingston slum in search of alleged druglord

South Korea restarts propaganda broadcasts to North
N.Korea Threatens Military Action in Disputed Waters
North Korea cuts all ties with the South

Pakistan: People facing difficulties in getting water tankers
Pakistan court prevents arrest of hardline cleric
Flood alert targets 50,000 at risk

Yemen tribesmen attack crude pipeline after clashes

Bottled water contains more bacteria than tap water

Brazil poised to gain autonomy in uranium processing
Brazil to have nuke submarine reactor in 2014: Navy

Fiscal Crises and Imperial Collapses: Historical Perspective on Current Predicaments (Niall Ferguson)

Iranian firm bags Indian oil project

Japan: Nikkei Ends Below 9,500
Weak Economy, Cab Glut Drive Tokyo Taxis' Sales To 27-Yr Low

UK: Stressed teachers are time bombs, says dumbbell attack man

US: Defaults on Apartment-Building Loans Set Record for U.S. Banks
Obama to send more troops to Southwest border
Germ-fighting soaps a news source of dioxins
Thieves break into restaurant, steal food but not money
Obama's Nominee to Run Medicare: 'The Decision is Not Whether or Not We Will Ration Care--The Decision is Whether We Will Ration Care With Our Eyes Open'

Monday, May 24, 2010


Growing Data Center Power Consumption

I’ve written twice about what could well become a catastrophic problem for technological society: the fast-growing power consumption of the many data centers that house our precious data. By way of an update on this matter, I turn the reader’s attention to an article titled Despite Green Diet, Data Centers Still Gobble Power.

One expert is quoted as saying, “There is a freight train coming that most people do not see, and it is that you are going to run out of power and you will not be able to keep your data center cool enough.” If that isn’t warning enough, consider that the increase in data center power consumption is on track to approximately double between 2006 and 2011. Although we can see from this article that many efforts are being made to save energy, the proliferation of data and data centers virtually guarantees that any savings will be more than offset by the need for more and more capacity.

Now, imagine what happens when power outages force data centers to shut down.


News Links, May 25, 2010

It's Total Debt, Not Only Public Debt, That Matters
"All that's really happening now is that the private sector debt is leaking across to the public sector via the bailouts."
China: No property taxes for now: Official
Germany Prepares for $13 Billion 'Debt Guillotine'
IMF raises fresh concerns about the Spanish economy
Spain Is an 'Anti-Market'
"It is estimated that the Spanish banking industry could be sitting on €300 billion worth of mortgage-related losses."

U.S. military told to get ready in Korea standoff
Obama tells military: prepare for North Korea aggression
Kim Jong Il Orders Military to Get Ready for Combat
US-South Korea joint naval exercise to increase pressure on North
Korean Crisis May Lead To Greater U.S. Military Role

Jamaica: Kingston declares state of emergency after gangs attack police
Gun battles intensifying, spreading

Australia expels Israeli diplomat over Dubai hit
Spokeswoman: Israeli president denies report he offered South Africa nuclear warheads in 1975

Fusion reactor costs ballooning
Nuclear renaissance, anyone?

UK: Farmers targeted in rural crime wave as sheep and quad bikes stolen
Young adults believe in the age of entitlement, claim researchers
UK bans doctor who linked autism to vaccine
More than 50,000 jobs 'at risk' from £6.2bn cuts

US: Cash-poor districts cut summer school
Municipal Bonds: The Next Financial Land Mine? (Time)
Imperial Wars Are Making You Poor
Force Structure Cuts Coming
"It is highly unlikely that we will achieve the real growth rates necessary to sustain the current force structure."
Bad cement jobs plague offshore rigs
Preschools in forests take root in the US
U.S. government stockpiles new, safer smallpox vaccine
Will Illegal Immigration Spark Civil Unrest in the United States?

And finally... UK: One in ten 'would rather lose partner than TV'

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Mexico: Highway Robbers and Pirates

The Mexican state continues to deteriorate and gradually turn into a shell, and it seems that with each passing day we can find more signs of this transformation. A couple of recent news items illustrate how this change is proceeding, and it’s not pretty. Organized gangs are now robbing trains and hijacking trucks to get their cargo, often at gunpoint. And as piracy worsens on both the eastern and western sides of Africa, it has made its appearance in Mexico, with armed groups preying on boaters who stray onto the Mexican side of Falcon Lake, on the Texas border. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time until pirates start operating in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Pacific side. As the Mexican state apparatus continues to weaken, it will face growing challenges from drug cartels and other organized crime, and the military — already engaged in a desperate contest with well-armed drug cartels on land — will be unable to fend them off completely.


News Links, May 24, 2010

In Greek debt crisis, collapse is better than bailout (Bill Bonner)
Six top global crises that have nothing to do with Greek debt (peak oil included!)
After the flood: European cities on the edge of a debt crisis
Libor Shows Strain, Sales Dwindle, Spreads Soar: Credit Markets
Europeans Fear Crisis Threatens Liberal Benefits
Dubai to Centralize Debt Issues by State Companies, Says Sheikh

How China Is Spending Millions To Undermine The World's Biggest Mining Companies
Beijing plans curbs on number of foreigners working in China
China's Stock Market Has Become a Poor Man's Casino: Andy Xie

N.Y. bomb plot probe shows radicalism might be on the rise among Pakistani elite (WashPo)
Pakistan: Giant wave threat to Himalayan valley
All-out efforts made in Pakistan to control power outage (rental power plants!)
Report: Kim Jong Il ordered Cheonan attack
U.S. Warns China of Seriousness of Tensions Between Koreas
'Thailand Has Moved Closer to Civil War'
Yemen marks 20 years of fragile unity

Economic report into biodiversity crisis reveals price of consuming the planet

Israel holds defense drill amid regional tension
Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons

French farmers turn Champs-Elysees into huge farm
French farmers bring rural reality to Champs Elysées

Taliban win £1,600 bounty for each Nato soldier killed
Yemeni cleric calls for killing US civilians

UK: BA strikes to go ahead
British Defense Minister Calls For Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Japan: LDP says Japan needs Marines of its own
"Japan's Self-Defense Forces should have the equivalent of the U.S. Marine Corps to mount amphibious operations to take back islets in case they are invaded by foreign troops."
Japan PM apologizes as US base stays on Okinawa

US: Cuomo to Propose Eliminating Many State Agencies
US appoints first cyber warfare general
Housing: Why It's Time to Invest in Bulldozers
Energy Transition: The Intractability of the Built Environment
Amateur sky watchers 'solve mystery of unmanned US space plane'
Gulf oil spill: similar disaster could occur in Arctic later this year
The Governor Who Slashes Budgets With A Smile
Last hurrah for home sales?
Congressman: Gulf Situation So Bad, Fishermen Tell Him They're Considering Suicide
Despite Green Diet, Data Centers Still Gobble Power
"There is a freight train coming that most people do not see, and it is that you are going to run out of power and you will not be able to keep your data center cool enough."


Where Should You Be When Collapse Arrives?

Michael Ruppert answered this question succinctly in this recent talk. Here I want to recommend watching or listening (there are both video and audio versions) to his talk, and expand on his prescription.

Basically he said you should be wherever you are comfortable. Sage advice, as many people are no doubt getting ready to run for the hills without knowing concretely what they’re going to do once they get there. And that, my friends, could well end in tragedy.

Take my situation. I've been in this mountain village for over 14 years now. I have a network, I know where to find what I need, I know who has what skills and what resources, I know how to grow rice (obviously), I have my own skills and resources, and — this is most important — I have built relationships of trust and interdependence with the people around me. We have a community.

Many of you probably live in cities. And you are (rightly) worried about how you’re going to get along when all hell breaks loose. Where will you get food? What about staying warm in winter? Suddenly these very mundane things, which until now have been taken care of by the fossil fuel-powered market economy, will become desperate concerns. If you have lived in your present location for a number of years, you know your neighbors. You know whom you can trust, whom to ask for help in getting something, and where to find things. You have something to go on and something to build on. That’s a lot better than nothing, which is what you might well have if you panic and bolt. Let’s say you find a house in the country and move there. Now what do you do? Do you know how to grow and preserve food? Do you know where to look for the resources you need? And most of all, do you have a community? Very likely the answer is no for all of these. You are helpless and alone, and you cannot ride out the storm on your own.

As such, just running for the hills may well put you in a worse situation than you’d have by staying put in familiar surroundings. Certainly the situation is going to get bad in the cities. But it won’t be peaches and cream here in the sticks, either. And we’ll also have to cope with hordes of desperate, starving city people who try to steal our food. Unless you are in a really remote location, expect hungry visitors.

If you have made preparations and have a rural community that you can join, then it’s likely a good idea to get out of the city and relocate. The more people we can get back on the land, the better. But if you have no clear idea of what to do when you leave the city, and no community to join, it is perhaps better to stay put in familiar surroundings, especially if you feel comfortable and have a community and network. Individuals and families should all carefully assess their situations and options, and then take decisive action based on their findings.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


News Links, May 23, 2010

Geithner Plans to Press Germany on European Rescue
French Revolution Redux?
Whatever Germany does, the euro as we know it is dead
Massive Currency and Debt Devaluations Lie Ahead
GMI's Raoul Pal Predicts Stock-Market Crash Amid Debt Defaults

China says too early to exit fiscal stimulus
China: The Next Stimulus, the Next Debt Crisis
Sinochem to Buy 40% of Statoil Peregrino Field off Brazil Coast
China to be Qatar top gas buyer

India: Poor infrastructure grounds aviation expansion plans

The Wages of Complexity

NATO troops repel Taliban attack on Kandahar Airfield
AFRICOM readies for its largest exercise

Measles making 'rapid comeback,' says WHO

Copper thieves slow French high-speed trains

Call for 'artificial life' DNA ban

Bangladesh, Russia sign nuclear power deal

UK: Kent County Council could turn out the streetlights

Japan: Civil service recruits slashed 39%
Japan imports 30,000 mt of bunker fuel in May on supply shortage

US: House votes to expand national DNA arrest database
32 States Borrow $37.8 Billion Total to Make Unemployment Payments
32 States Now Officially Bankrupt
America Will Pass $13 Trillion In Total Debt Next Tuesday; $397 Billion In Debt Rolled Month To Date
Speak softly and carry a big stick: Obama says diplomacy, military go hand in hand
Cleaning oil-soaked wetlands may be impossible
In Texas, social studies textbooks get a conservative make-over
Commercial Property Values Drop as Rebound Stalls

Friday, May 21, 2010


News Links, May 22, 2010

The new order is chaos
Global Meltdown: Chapter Two (Forbes)
Spain's €15bn austerity plan is flawed, assumes high growth and tax revenues
Thousands of Spaniards Protest Austerity Measures
Japanese Stocks Fall in Biggest Weekly Drop in More Than a Year
Is Mexico Next on Contagion List?
Social Unrest Spreads to Slovenia and Spain; Images Around the Globe
Pakistanis shout 'Death to Facebook', burn US flags

Lee Myung-bak holds emergency security council meeting over Cheonan report as North Korea repeats warnings of war
Clinton Says North Korea Ship Attack 'Cannot Go Unanswered'

Heat rises in boycott of Israeli settlers' goods
Cameroon: Pirates seize 2 Russian sailors
"The attack comes as acts of violent piracy have increased along the West African coast."

India Coal Imports May Rise to 100 Million Tons on Power Demand
Uranium's aglow with nuclear plants set to multiply
"It takes roughly 500,000 pounds of uranium to keep a 1 GWe (gigawatt of electric energy) nuclear reactor fueled per year, and a new reactor requires up to 1.5 million pound at start-up."
Zimbabwe Power Utility Scuttles Reported Export Deal with S. Africa's Eskom
"ZESA is currently struggling to meet domestic power needs with industry and commerce almost crippled by inadequate electricity supplies."
North Sea Oil Well Evacuated

Carrying any porn? Australian Customs want to know

Japan: Grads landing jobs near all-time low
Japan interest rates kept at 0.1%
Japanese economic boom driven by China
BOJ Unveils New Lending Program To Spur Growth

UK: BA posts another record annual loss
Monthly public borrowing hits record £10bn
U.K. Posts Record April Deficit of $14.4 Billion as Emergency Budget Looms

Northern Mexico shootouts kill 2 police, 7 gunmen

US: Pirates terrorize boaters on Texas lake along Mexican border
Northern Arizona University To Use RFID Tags to Monitor Student Attendance
The Pentagon's Love-Hate Relationship With Clean Energy
New York State Parks and Historical Site Closures Total 55
One of four U.S. homes use cellphone only
Prechter: Bank Reform Will Shrink Credit and Kill the Economy
Mass Layoffs: They Aren't Over Yet
Padded Pensions Add to New York Fiscal Woes
N.Y. police pensions, padded and costly
US warns Pakistani leaders their children could be terrorists
Extraditions from Mexico set record
US lifts sanctions against Russians linked to Iran

And finally... Woody Allen says Obama should be dictator

Thursday, May 20, 2010


News Links, May 21, 2010

US markets plummet amid eurozone debt crisis fears, Dow drops 376
Stocks to Tumble Another 20%, Cash the Safest Place: Roubini
Global Stocks Ablaze, Dow Tumbles: EU Officials Fiddle as Euro Burns
Meet The Latest Member Of The Plunge Protection Team: The European Central Bank
Dubai World agrees debt deal with key banks
Thousands of Protesters Gather Amid Greek Strike
The Euro Turns Radioactive
German Finance Minister: Markets Out of Control
Spain Unions Vow to Battle Pay Cuts for Civil Servants
Dollar Libor Rises for Eighth Day on Risk Concern
"We're Seeing the End of a Global Free Market," Says Ian Bremmer
A Time To Speak Out
"The entire charade that has been propagated on humanity is coming completely unglued and there is absolutely no stopping it."

Peak oil production coming much sooner than expected

U.S. backs Seoul's charge that North Korea sank ship
North Korea threatens South over report on sinking of warship
Tensions Flare As New Sanctions Eyed Against N Korea
Pentagon won't say ship sinking is an act of war
Rigi: US, Israel paid for assassination
Turkey 'bombs Kurd targets' in Iraq
Iran nuclear plant to start by August, says Russia

Michael Ruppert talk on collapse (video and audio)

Pakistan Seeks Resolution of India Water Dispute

Taliban in Maldives for meeting
Russia is getting its 'sphere' back
Thai government extends Bangkok curfew
Pakistan blocks access to YouTube for sacrilegious content
Thousands of Mohammed images uploaded on Facebook, outrage in Pakistan

Chinese New Home Prices Soaring At A 53% Rate
China to US: Put Your Fiscal House in Order
China's Cookie Is Finally Crumbling
China Corn Imports May Jump to Meet Widening Shortage, Li Says
China to Move Ahead With Iran Energy Projects
Chinese Catch the Gold Bug

Unidentified Cockpit Passengers Were in Polish President Plane Crash

South Africa: Engineer shortage

Geoengineering: Only mother nature knows how to fertilize the ocean
Synthetic life form created in laboratory
Experts: More TB now than ever and U.N. efforts failing

Canadian Intelligence Sees Growing Number of Cyber Attacks

US: Elite High Value Interrogation Unit Is Taking Its First Painful Steps
BP Oil Spill: Oil Hits Louisiana Wetlands, Causes Spike in Seafood Prices
Obama's state dinner guest list includes bank executives
Gulf oil spill may be 19 times bigger than originally thought
California town to douse half of streetlights
Homeland Security wants to turn your cell phone into a smell phone
Defense Secretary: Pentagon must trim the fat in war on waste
Congress to Gates: Screw You. Again.
GAO: Airport Behavior Units Miss 16 Terrorists
Dengue Fever In Florida Portends A Growing Problem
Jobless claims rise by largest amount in 3 months
The Housing "Recovery" Is Just Another Government Subsidy, Says Whalen
Nuclear terror drill held in Los Angeles
U.S. Completes Cyber-Attack Framework
"The organizational framework for planning and launching U.S. cyber-attacks and defending military networks now appears to be complete."

And finally... 'Octomom' paid $5K to tout pet birth control

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


News Links, May 20, 2010

Thailand protests: crackdown against redshirts
Thai Stock Exchange on Fire; Blackouts Hit Bangkok
Thai protest leaders surrender after army attack

-- International high finance! --
Suddenly, Everyone's In the CRASH Camp, Not Just The Bear Camp
Europe's Mounting Crisis: "We're on Life Support," Chris Whalen Says
Romanians in mass protest over austerity measures
Germany's Merkel Says Euro Is in Danger
Der TARP: Germany Is Hiding A Big Banking Problem
Financial Reforms 'Cosmetic,' Won't Stop More Crises: Roubini
Are German Banks Short the Euro?
Libor for Three-Month Dollars Rises to Highest Since July

Afghan insurgents attack Bagram air base
Why Russia covets the Black Sea naval base of Sevastopol

Report says 13 hurt in latest China knife attack

Inside the World's Worst Hellhole: Somalia, the Perfect Failed State
Soldiers Defecting from Somalia's U.S.-Backed Regime

Cnooc seals deal on Iraq oil field
Ethiopia rejects Egypt Nile claims

Tibet: Lhasa residents must register to make photocopies

Japan: 135,000 More Cows, Pigs To Be Slaughtered
For study abroad, more Japanese prefer Chinese university over US one
Japan Plunges To 27th In Competitiveness Ranking
Japan, Australia Sign 'Historic' Military Deal

Air France-KLM makes record annual loss

UK: Police to get more powers over charging crime suspects

Mexican town's police force quits after ambush
Nicaragua: Mexican cartels trafficking in Central America

US: Arizona threatens to cut off LA electricity supply
Worsening Gulf oil spill overwhelming Coast Guard
Conspiracy of Banks Rigging States Came With Crash
DWP agrees to change L.A. water-rationing rules in response to water main breaks
Long-Lasting Sensory Loss in World Trade Center Workers from Airborne Toxins After 9/11 Attacks
Bill for Afghan War Could Run Into the Trillions
Should federal workers be asked to take pay cut, too?
Mortgage delinquencies surge to a record
Prime mortgages going bust at an alarming rate
Resistance is futile: New transistor allows humans, machines to merge. Are cyborgs imminent?
Hospitals see dramatic rise of kids with MRSA
Kids Become Prime Growth Market For Prescription Drugs
Dolphin, sea lions find mock water mine
Waiters and bartenders: College Grads Flood Labor Market With Diminished Prospects

And finally... Doomsayers Beware, a Bright Future Beckons (NYT)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


News Links, May 19, 2010

S.Korea concludes N.Korea torpedo 'sank ship'
South Korea 'to formally blame North Korea' for ship sinking
Israel plays wargame assuming Iran has nuclear bomb
China positive on Iran deal
Back to the Middle Ages: Massive wall to be built around city of Baghdad
Afghanistan: Death tolls set to spiral as allied forces face 40 attacks every day
Taliban bombing kills 18, including 5 US troops in Kabul
US answer to Iran nuclear swap: Overnight deal on sanctions
Pakistani Site: Drones Only Killed One Terrorist in 2010 (If You Don't Count Taliban)

Dubai to see 44,000 vacant homes in 2010 - Merrill Lynch
Dubai economy seen shrinking 0.5% on construction woes
Greece gets first bailout cash
Money Market Funds Pull Out of Greece: Fitch
Germany to ban some short selling
The 10 German Banks That Angela Merkel Thinks Need Special Protection From Speculators
Swaps Soar on Germany's 'Act of Desperation': Credit Markets
Uzbek growth fanfare masks poverty, disquiet
"Banks are often empty when pensioners try to withdraw cash. Factories have closed and doctors at one Tashkent hospital say they haven't been paid for five months."

Russia Riot Police Deployed in Coal Town as Blasts Spark Unrest
Worst may be yet to come in deepening Thai crisis; unrest spreading to other regions
France has first 'burka rage' incident
Egypt: Marry an Israeli and face losing citizenship

Home wind turbines: The answer's not blowing in the wind
It's Worse Than You Think: Plotting Global Hydrocarbon Collapse
FACTBOX-The oil majors' shrinking refining capacity
UAE gas demand rises 7% yearly
Chinese investors go to Indonesian coal mines
Oil Sands Report: Risks as Great as Gulf Spill

Our 'hot, flat, crowded' -- and dying -- planet is the next 'big short'
Ocean fish could disappear in 40 years: UN
Gulf Looks To Science To Turn Desert To Farmland
Egypt won't give up one drop of Nile water rights

Japan: Hoof-and-mouth outbreak reaches crisis proportions
"We are in a situation where it is impossible to halt the spread."

-- Mexico crumbling --
Mexico's Drug War: A Rigged Fight?
Highway, railway theft a growth industry in Mexico
Politician's disappearance rivets Mexico

US: Roubini Says U.S. May Face Bond 'Vigilantes' Within Three Years
Las Vegas City Council to deal with $80 million in cuts
Calpers Demands $600 Million More From California Amid Deficit
Hawaii wraps up a year of short school weeks
Investors Should Avoid Banks 'At All Costs': Meredith Whitney
Gov. Paterson threatens cutting 10K jobs
Michigan hears some bleak projections
Review Cites Flaws in U.S. Antimissile Program
Texas schools board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns
SEC, Exchanges Mull Tight Circuit Breakers, trading would be stopped at 5% fall
Anti-Government Sentiment Fuels NRA Push

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