Sunday, May 09, 2010


News Links, May 10, 2010

EU Finance Chiefs Race to Ready Euro Stability Fund
Alistair Darling rules out British support for euro
Taxpayers face £13 billion bailout after Alistair Darling caves in
Euro Witch Hunt Escalates; Obama on the Hotline to Angela Merkel
10 Reasons To Worry

Taliban behind Times Square plot, says US

Crude Oil May Hit $100 a Barrel Soon, Michael Economides Says
Oil at $65 a barrel may sound alarm bells for OPEC

Foreign troops join Russia's Victory Day parade
"It was the largest display of Russia's military hardware since the collapse of the Soviet Union."

Man stabs eight to death in latest China killings

Australia: Former immigration detention centre comes back into service

Briefing: Pressure piles on Japanese government to ease military export ban

Cuba: worst sugar harvest in a century

Decapitated bodies found near Mexican resort

US: Gates says urgent need to cut defense bureaucracy
Plastic bottle bombs a growing issue in parts of USA
Gen. Casey: Army Prepares to Be at War Indefinitely
There's some news from the front lines of retirement in America, and it's not good.
Millions of African-American and Latino seniors are living on the edge of financial collapse
The retirement myth – 1 out of 3 Americans has no savings or retirement account. Half of Americans have $2,000 or less in their retirement account. 401k new name for Wall Street grease.
A summer job drought for youth
Minnesota Republicans Arizona-style Immigration Bill
Using fingerprints to track immigration
US gold coin sales surge as investors flee risk
Not enough money to fix PA roads and bridges

And finally... Russian politician claims he met aliens who wore yellow suits
US: 3rd-grader gets 5 days' detention for Jolly Rancher

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