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News Links, May 14, 2010

Russian Generals Want Their Space Weapons, Too
"Who owns space, owns the world."
USSR planned nuclear attack on China in 1969

JP Morgan: Gold Could Now Face 'Unlimited' Demand
Of course Abu Dhabi has a gold-dispensing ATM
Balestra Capital: "We View Gold As Potentially The Best Currency"

Seabed Map Shifts As Coastal States Extend Control
China wants Japanese government to 'supervise' domestic media coverage of gas drilling dispute
Chiefs of 32 navies agree that co-operation is way to make Indian Ocean safer
The Paradox of Deep Water: Lots of Oil, Lots of Danger
"Indeed, 6 of the world's 10 largest discoveries in the last two years have been in deep water, believed to be home to much of the remaining large energy deposits outside the Middle East. Deep water is crucial to production in the U.S., where it accounts for more than 50 percent of offshore output and about one-quarter of overall production."
Brazil poised to become major oil producer

Greek labor unions call for general strike on May 20
Roubini Says Greece May Lead Euro Exodus, China Faces Slowdown
Volcker Sees Risk Greece to Cause 'Disintegration' of Euro Area
Athens prison bomb injures two, damages homes
Spanish PM announces drastic cuts
Estonia to join eurozone next year
South Africa spends £3.5 billion on World Cup preparations. But for what return?
Shipping suffers disaster-plagued month
Portugal takes more austerity measures
BLOOD IN THE STREETS! Bank Bailout Protesters Storm Ireland's Parliament

China's schoolyards have become killing grounds
Shanghai property curbs soon

India's Next 'Ultra-Cheap' Car -- Can the planet handle it?
In Amazon, Rain Forests Make Room for Mall Rats
Afghanistan's opium production 'hit by disease'

Pakistan denies Taliban link to Times Square bomb suspect
Skirmish at Afghan-Pakistan border
Mordechai Vanunu back in jail
Crackdown On Opposition Appears Under Way In Iran

Thai military 'to surround red-shirt protesters'
Thai general who backs anti-government protesters shot in head
UK Embassy in Bangkok to shut on Friday due to violence

Kyrgyz protesters take over local government HQ in south

Lizards can't take heat, die off instead

Japan: Number of suicides stays above 30,000 for 12th straight year
Talk of Tax Increase Builds Among Japan's Ruling Party

UK: David Prosser: How long until the lights go out?
Ministers' pay to be cut – and frozen for five years

US: Grand Rapids may charge property owners for street lights
Lawrence police, fire departments may face 70 layoffs
Andover's street lights to stay off
Massachusetts leaders encourage cities, towns to share costs on range of services
Schwarzenegger's revised budget plan is expected to eliminate health programs
Long-term effects on Gulf sea life unknown
Senators want offshore drilling on West Coast banned forever
Suit Challenging Shell's Arctic Drilling Plan Rejected
U.S. Prosecutors, SEC Probe Mortgage Deals
Another 'Freefall' to Push Dow Below 5000: Strategist
Fed Board May Soon Include Three More Millionaires
First Fed Invoice For Bailing Out Europe Is In: The Damage - $9.2 Billion
Govt. Opening New Front in the "War on Wall Street," WSJ Reports
Roubini: "The US Economy Is Unsustainable"
"Nassim Taleb said that his primary concern about an upcoming 'Black Swan' is a failed Treasury Auction."
Must read: Huge, Ongoing Wall Street Subsidy Allows Banks to Coin Money Every Day at Savers' Expense
U.S. Home Seizures Reach Record in Sign Recovery Is Delayed
New York State to furlough 100,000 state workers
U.S. drug war has met none of its goals
April unemployment rate of 9.9% should be 17.1%
Hastening The Empire's Decline
Millions of jobs that were cut won't likely return
College for all? Experts say not necessarily
Faisal Shahzad Times Square bomb plot probe: FBI arrest 3 after raids on Mass., N.J., L.I. locations

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