Friday, May 14, 2010


News Links, May 15, 2010

Europe enters era of belt-tightening
"There's no alternative to downsizing."

Kyrgyz gov't says to rout coup attempt organizers
30 Injured As Kyrgyzstan Rocked By Protest Violence

Scary: Budget-Busting Bailouts in Europe to Drive Global Debt Burden Higher!
Gold Commercial Short Positions Hit All Time High, As Gold Spike Protection Team Keeps Very Busy
Gold vending machine a hit in UAE
Cost to insure peripheral Europe, U.S. debt rises
Bets on Euro Decline Are at a Record on Concern Bailout May Fail
The second debt storm: Who will bail out the countries that bailed out the world's corporations?
"Rather than reducing our debt, we've been moving it from one balance sheet to another. All we're doing is shifting chairs on the deck of the Titanic."
Volcker: The Euro Is on the Brink of Extinction
Portugal orders 'fiscal shock' as Europe tackles debt
Commercial property: the worst could be yet to come

'Dark days soaked with blood' lie ahead for Iraq, says insurgent leader
Indonesia 'uncovers plot to kill president'
Pakistan arrests man with militant ties who says he aided Times Square bomb suspect
Deadly clashes as police besiege Bangkok protesters, 8 dead
Greece explosion: Bomb causes courthouse damage one day after prison bombing

Peak soil: it's like peak oil, only worse
East Africa seeks more Nile water from Egypt
"Where there is no rule of law, the rule of the jungle does not provide peace."
Nigeria and China sign $23bn deal for three refineries

Japan: Suicides over lost jobs up sharply
Japan's Debt To Reach 250% Of GDP In '15: IMF

US: Schwarzenegger lays out bleak California budget
Pentagon works to define rules of cyber warfare
Obama Seeks $80 Billion for New Nukes
Where's the oil? Much of it may be gone
Report: Secret Space Plane Likely an Orbiting Spy
AFRICOM to Deploy Social Scientists to Africa, Searching for Signs of War
Informant Nation: New terror monitors: parking attendants
Detroit Shrinks Itself, Historic Homes and All

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