Sunday, May 16, 2010


News Links, May 17, 2010

Quest for oil leaves trail of damage across the globe
Indian delegation to meet coal mining giants in US
Africa: 'Land Rush' as Threats to Food Security Intensify

S.Korea fires warning shots at N.Korean ships
Mitchell to Return as Palestinians Get Ready for 'Endgame'
Thailand protests: army prepares to storm redshirts' camp

-- International high finance! --
Japan: The Sleeping Sovereign Debt Giant
"The country that could prove to be the BIGGEST domino to fall … with a gigantic global quake."
Merkel: $1 trillion rescue package only buys time
"Merkel also told union members that budget cuts in Germany are inevitable, calling the country's own current debt level unsustainable."
'Lack of Trust' Pummels Bank Lending in Europe: Credit Markets
Debt overload, and the hunt for a successor to U.S. bonds
Debt crisis reality check: EU's bad debt won't go away
"Europe is wasting its blood transfusions on a corpse."
Islamic Dollar Bond 2010 Sales May Reach $5 Billion
Dubai Holding Said to Have $12 Billion Debt, Seeking Roll Over

Billions wasted on swine flu pandemic that never came

Pulse shortage stands at four million tons (India)
Saudi Arabia keen to collaborate with with Malaysia in food security
Saudi inflation hits 10 month high in April
"Saudi inflation climbed to a 10 month peak of 4.9 percent in April as global harvest concerns kept food prices up in the import reliant kingdom."

Canada: Vancouver bomb threat: Al Qaeda terror link or pure hoax?

Israel dedicates huge sea-water purification plant to counter chronic fresh water shortage

UK: David Cameron declares war on public sector pay

US: Midwest Bank, other failures bring 2010 tally to 72
Solving the massive debt problem with more debt. American consumers carry as much debt as annual U.S. GDP.
Price rollback in U.S. economy
California More Likely to Default Than Iceland
Las Vegas: Building Is Booming in a City of Empty Houses
Debate over cross-border pipeline poised to heat up at U.S. town halls
US using private spy ring 'on an almost daily basis'
Student loan default rises due to high unemployment among college grads

And finally... Tokyo couple married by robot in rooftop wedding

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