Monday, May 17, 2010


News Links, May 18, 2010

With Local Gold Inventories Depleted, Panicking German Dealers Stage Run On Krugerrands
Sovereign ratings on UK, US, Japan under fire from credit investors
Russia Cuts Euro Share Of Currency Reserves, Boosts Dollar – Interfax
Debt Panic Right Around the Corner?
Eurozone austerity moves increase threat of deflation
German Households Are More Indebted Than Greeks: Chart of Day
Guess Who's Even More Broke Than Greece?
Forget the wolf pack – the ongoing euro crisis was caused by EMU
The Rise Of State-Controlled Capitalism
Sovereign debt 'vigilantes' make Europe pay

Pakistan military kills 'fighters'
Thailand extends state of emergency to more provinces
Protester chaos continues in Thailand; death toll rises to 36
Rogue Thailand general who backed protests dies
India Maoist rebels kill many in bus attack

China's electricity boom presses on coal prices
Property sector accounts for more than 50% of Beijing's capital input
6 wounded, assailant killed, in new China rampage
China Stocks Plunge Most Since August on Property Curbs
Europe's Debt Crisis Is Casting a Shadow Over China

Africa's Lake Tanganyika Warming Fast, Life Dying

Iran signs nuclear fuel swap deal with Turkey and Brazil
Iran's Uranium Deal a Serious Blow to War Party
Iran's Nuke Fuel Deal: Breakthrough or Bogus?

Most French expect Paris to default

Japan: U.S. air base surrounded by human chain of 17,000 protesters
Foot-and-mouth threatens prize Miyazaki Wagyu cattle

UK: Graduate debts 'could rise to £40,000' under Russell Group plan

US: The Crippling Price of Public Employee Unions
Budget Cuts Lead To Overgrown Medians (Wisconsin)
NORAD scrambles 2 F16s in southern Arizona
Deflationary red flag in the US dollar
NRA Looks To Build On Tea Party Movement
Scientists Question Safety Of New Airport Scanners
Supreme Court Rules 'Sexually Dangerous' Can Be Held Longer Than Sentences
Kansas dairies feel economic squeeze
"More than 2,000 dairies nationwide have gone out of business in the past two years."
Global Demand for U.S. Assets Rose to Record in March
"Foreign institutions and individuals are still turning to the U.S. as a safe haven."
Fridge-Sized Nuclear Reactors to Tap $135 Billion Power Market
More homeowners choose to default on loans

And finally: Citi's Pandit Tells Students `Responsible Finance' Is Needed

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