Saturday, May 01, 2010


News Links, May 2, 2010

US embassy warns terror attacks planned in India

NY's Times Sq. evacuated after failed car bomb

US Army captain becomes king in Afghanistan
"Fat international wallet"

Putin stuns Ukraine with surprise gas deal

Thai protesters call for reinforcements in capital

Thousands of angry Greeks march against austerity
Revolution from Greece's ruins as crisis deepens
Greece's Alleged "Bailout" And Things To Come Here
Will PIIGS residents make runs on their banks?

Korea: Scientists Say Direct Heavy Torpedo Sank Cheonan

Beijing unveils tough measures to curb housing price rises
The Future Of Finance Shifts From West To East
China Remains Biggest Holder of U.S. Debt

Japan: There is no growth, and a fiscal-deficit timebomb is ticking
'Bee rustlers' sting Japanese apiarists
Some 40% Of Consumer Credit Borrowers In Peril: Poll
Unemployment Hits 5.2% In FY09

Drilling Process Attracts Scrutiny in Rig Explosion

US: Amid fuss over illegal immigrants, they're already going home
GDP report: Last year's rise in new home building was just a blip
Encryption Can't Stop The Wiretapping Boom
2009 Wiretap Report
'Boil-water' order issued for nearly 2 million in Mass.

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