Wednesday, May 19, 2010


News Links, May 20, 2010

Thailand protests: crackdown against redshirts
Thai Stock Exchange on Fire; Blackouts Hit Bangkok
Thai protest leaders surrender after army attack

-- International high finance! --
Suddenly, Everyone's In the CRASH Camp, Not Just The Bear Camp
Europe's Mounting Crisis: "We're on Life Support," Chris Whalen Says
Romanians in mass protest over austerity measures
Germany's Merkel Says Euro Is in Danger
Der TARP: Germany Is Hiding A Big Banking Problem
Financial Reforms 'Cosmetic,' Won't Stop More Crises: Roubini
Are German Banks Short the Euro?
Libor for Three-Month Dollars Rises to Highest Since July

Afghan insurgents attack Bagram air base
Why Russia covets the Black Sea naval base of Sevastopol

Report says 13 hurt in latest China knife attack

Inside the World's Worst Hellhole: Somalia, the Perfect Failed State
Soldiers Defecting from Somalia's U.S.-Backed Regime

Cnooc seals deal on Iraq oil field
Ethiopia rejects Egypt Nile claims

Tibet: Lhasa residents must register to make photocopies

Japan: 135,000 More Cows, Pigs To Be Slaughtered
For study abroad, more Japanese prefer Chinese university over US one
Japan Plunges To 27th In Competitiveness Ranking
Japan, Australia Sign 'Historic' Military Deal

Air France-KLM makes record annual loss

UK: Police to get more powers over charging crime suspects

Mexican town's police force quits after ambush
Nicaragua: Mexican cartels trafficking in Central America

US: Arizona threatens to cut off LA electricity supply
Worsening Gulf oil spill overwhelming Coast Guard
Conspiracy of Banks Rigging States Came With Crash
DWP agrees to change L.A. water-rationing rules in response to water main breaks
Long-Lasting Sensory Loss in World Trade Center Workers from Airborne Toxins After 9/11 Attacks
Bill for Afghan War Could Run Into the Trillions
Should federal workers be asked to take pay cut, too?
Mortgage delinquencies surge to a record
Prime mortgages going bust at an alarming rate
Resistance is futile: New transistor allows humans, machines to merge. Are cyborgs imminent?
Hospitals see dramatic rise of kids with MRSA
Kids Become Prime Growth Market For Prescription Drugs
Dolphin, sea lions find mock water mine
Waiters and bartenders: College Grads Flood Labor Market With Diminished Prospects

And finally... Doomsayers Beware, a Bright Future Beckons (NYT)

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