Thursday, May 20, 2010


News Links, May 21, 2010

US markets plummet amid eurozone debt crisis fears, Dow drops 376
Stocks to Tumble Another 20%, Cash the Safest Place: Roubini
Global Stocks Ablaze, Dow Tumbles: EU Officials Fiddle as Euro Burns
Meet The Latest Member Of The Plunge Protection Team: The European Central Bank
Dubai World agrees debt deal with key banks
Thousands of Protesters Gather Amid Greek Strike
The Euro Turns Radioactive
German Finance Minister: Markets Out of Control
Spain Unions Vow to Battle Pay Cuts for Civil Servants
Dollar Libor Rises for Eighth Day on Risk Concern
"We're Seeing the End of a Global Free Market," Says Ian Bremmer
A Time To Speak Out
"The entire charade that has been propagated on humanity is coming completely unglued and there is absolutely no stopping it."

Peak oil production coming much sooner than expected

U.S. backs Seoul's charge that North Korea sank ship
North Korea threatens South over report on sinking of warship
Tensions Flare As New Sanctions Eyed Against N Korea
Pentagon won't say ship sinking is an act of war
Rigi: US, Israel paid for assassination
Turkey 'bombs Kurd targets' in Iraq
Iran nuclear plant to start by August, says Russia

Michael Ruppert talk on collapse (video and audio)

Pakistan Seeks Resolution of India Water Dispute

Taliban in Maldives for meeting
Russia is getting its 'sphere' back
Thai government extends Bangkok curfew
Pakistan blocks access to YouTube for sacrilegious content
Thousands of Mohammed images uploaded on Facebook, outrage in Pakistan

Chinese New Home Prices Soaring At A 53% Rate
China to US: Put Your Fiscal House in Order
China's Cookie Is Finally Crumbling
China Corn Imports May Jump to Meet Widening Shortage, Li Says
China to Move Ahead With Iran Energy Projects
Chinese Catch the Gold Bug

Unidentified Cockpit Passengers Were in Polish President Plane Crash

South Africa: Engineer shortage

Geoengineering: Only mother nature knows how to fertilize the ocean
Synthetic life form created in laboratory
Experts: More TB now than ever and U.N. efforts failing

Canadian Intelligence Sees Growing Number of Cyber Attacks

US: Elite High Value Interrogation Unit Is Taking Its First Painful Steps
BP Oil Spill: Oil Hits Louisiana Wetlands, Causes Spike in Seafood Prices
Obama's state dinner guest list includes bank executives
Gulf oil spill may be 19 times bigger than originally thought
California town to douse half of streetlights
Homeland Security wants to turn your cell phone into a smell phone
Defense Secretary: Pentagon must trim the fat in war on waste
Congress to Gates: Screw You. Again.
GAO: Airport Behavior Units Miss 16 Terrorists
Dengue Fever In Florida Portends A Growing Problem
Jobless claims rise by largest amount in 3 months
The Housing "Recovery" Is Just Another Government Subsidy, Says Whalen
Nuclear terror drill held in Los Angeles
U.S. Completes Cyber-Attack Framework
"The organizational framework for planning and launching U.S. cyber-attacks and defending military networks now appears to be complete."

And finally... 'Octomom' paid $5K to tout pet birth control

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