Friday, May 21, 2010


News Links, May 22, 2010

The new order is chaos
Global Meltdown: Chapter Two (Forbes)
Spain's €15bn austerity plan is flawed, assumes high growth and tax revenues
Thousands of Spaniards Protest Austerity Measures
Japanese Stocks Fall in Biggest Weekly Drop in More Than a Year
Is Mexico Next on Contagion List?
Social Unrest Spreads to Slovenia and Spain; Images Around the Globe
Pakistanis shout 'Death to Facebook', burn US flags

Lee Myung-bak holds emergency security council meeting over Cheonan report as North Korea repeats warnings of war
Clinton Says North Korea Ship Attack 'Cannot Go Unanswered'

Heat rises in boycott of Israeli settlers' goods
Cameroon: Pirates seize 2 Russian sailors
"The attack comes as acts of violent piracy have increased along the West African coast."

India Coal Imports May Rise to 100 Million Tons on Power Demand
Uranium's aglow with nuclear plants set to multiply
"It takes roughly 500,000 pounds of uranium to keep a 1 GWe (gigawatt of electric energy) nuclear reactor fueled per year, and a new reactor requires up to 1.5 million pound at start-up."
Zimbabwe Power Utility Scuttles Reported Export Deal with S. Africa's Eskom
"ZESA is currently struggling to meet domestic power needs with industry and commerce almost crippled by inadequate electricity supplies."
North Sea Oil Well Evacuated

Carrying any porn? Australian Customs want to know

Japan: Grads landing jobs near all-time low
Japan interest rates kept at 0.1%
Japanese economic boom driven by China
BOJ Unveils New Lending Program To Spur Growth

UK: BA posts another record annual loss
Monthly public borrowing hits record £10bn
U.K. Posts Record April Deficit of $14.4 Billion as Emergency Budget Looms

Northern Mexico shootouts kill 2 police, 7 gunmen

US: Pirates terrorize boaters on Texas lake along Mexican border
Northern Arizona University To Use RFID Tags to Monitor Student Attendance
The Pentagon's Love-Hate Relationship With Clean Energy
New York State Parks and Historical Site Closures Total 55
One of four U.S. homes use cellphone only
Prechter: Bank Reform Will Shrink Credit and Kill the Economy
Mass Layoffs: They Aren't Over Yet
Padded Pensions Add to New York Fiscal Woes
N.Y. police pensions, padded and costly
US warns Pakistani leaders their children could be terrorists
Extraditions from Mexico set record
US lifts sanctions against Russians linked to Iran

And finally... Woody Allen says Obama should be dictator

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