Saturday, May 22, 2010


News Links, May 23, 2010

Geithner Plans to Press Germany on European Rescue
French Revolution Redux?
Whatever Germany does, the euro as we know it is dead
Massive Currency and Debt Devaluations Lie Ahead
GMI's Raoul Pal Predicts Stock-Market Crash Amid Debt Defaults

China says too early to exit fiscal stimulus
China: The Next Stimulus, the Next Debt Crisis
Sinochem to Buy 40% of Statoil Peregrino Field off Brazil Coast
China to be Qatar top gas buyer

India: Poor infrastructure grounds aviation expansion plans

The Wages of Complexity

NATO troops repel Taliban attack on Kandahar Airfield
AFRICOM readies for its largest exercise

Measles making 'rapid comeback,' says WHO

Copper thieves slow French high-speed trains

Call for 'artificial life' DNA ban

Bangladesh, Russia sign nuclear power deal

UK: Kent County Council could turn out the streetlights

Japan: Civil service recruits slashed 39%
Japan imports 30,000 mt of bunker fuel in May on supply shortage

US: House votes to expand national DNA arrest database
32 States Borrow $37.8 Billion Total to Make Unemployment Payments
32 States Now Officially Bankrupt
America Will Pass $13 Trillion In Total Debt Next Tuesday; $397 Billion In Debt Rolled Month To Date
Speak softly and carry a big stick: Obama says diplomacy, military go hand in hand
Cleaning oil-soaked wetlands may be impossible
In Texas, social studies textbooks get a conservative make-over
Commercial Property Values Drop as Rebound Stalls

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